Microsoft implements artificial intelligence in some of its tools

Microsoft continues to make strides forward in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The latest from the American company has come in relation to its development tool Power Platform and Dynamics 365to which it has incorporated the Artificial intelligence ChatGPT style. The fusion of both tools and Artificial Intelligence is already a present fact.

The company announced its intention to continue working a few days ago, such is that the latest search for technological development is focused on the solving business problems and a new way for users to use Artificial Intelligence to become much more productive. For this, Microsoft values ​​its Power Platform tool.

Microsoft is fully aware of how much its Power Platform can bring along with Artificial Intelligence, as a unit, resulting in an experience that is more intuitive for ordinary citizens and further developed for professionals.

This will be Artificial Intelligence in Power Virtual Agents and AI Builder

The tool power platform from the company that was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, is a development tool that allows create new applications with a minimal coding system. His Power Virtual Agents developed and updated will allow companies to be able direct your bot to specific resourcessuch as the website or an internal knowledge base.

Conversations can be enhanced from Power Virtual Agents, as reported by Microsoft: “With the conversation boost feature, you can use the data source that contains your single source of truth across many channels through the chat experience. , and the bot’s responses are filtered and moderated to comply with Microsoft’s principles of responsible artificial intelligence.”

Regarding what is referred to in AIBuilder are now included generative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence similar to the ChatGPT API, which will allow developers to generate text using GPT models. With these possibilities you will be able to summarize reports, generate content ideas and route emails.

Also, AI Builder will bring Azure Open AI Servicewith a user-friendly interface to empower creators to use a new model and low-code Generative AI templates with Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps.

This advanced technological development follows steps already taken by Alphabet and Baidu to incorporate generative AI technology into their offerings, and the partnership that took place in January between OpenAI and Microsoft.

Microsoft and the new version of Dynamics 365

The American company continues its progress and does not stop with the Power Platform, and it is that it has also launched a new, much more developed version of its business management tool Dynamics 365. The new version offers interactive assistance based on artificial intelligence.

Now the so-called Dynamics 365 Copilotautomates tasks such as manual data entry, content generation and note taking, something that gives efficiency and speed at work eliminating these manual actions. In this sense, Microsoft has clarified that Dynamics 365 Copilot will help companies to Optimize your sales and customer servicesince this tool will be able to compose contextual responses to chat and email queries, create an email summary of a Teams meeting in Outlook and provide an interactive chat experience.

The data from the latest survey on business trends prepared by Microsoft shows that nine out of ten employees think about using Artificial Intelligence in order to reduce their workload. This new tool It will allow them to focus on more responsible jobs and leave those that are simpler but that take time.

The new Dynamics 3654 Copilot will allow professionals to improve productivity results in this way, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Viva Sales for commercials, Dynamics 365 Customer Service to make it easier for agents to provide exceptional customer service, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing for marketers, or Dynamics 365 Business Central for e-commerce.

In any case, the panorama is still somewhat confusing and only time will determine its effectiveness, or not. And it is that the extensive language models present the problem of not being too explanatory or of inventing answers, which has led to the companies are reluctant when giving value to Artificial Intelligence systems. Now the challenge is to see if Microsoft can overcome this obstacle with OpenAI.

However, Microsoft is aware of the scenario ahead and has already announced that Satya Nadella, CEO of the company, will organize an event on March 16 to clarify everything related to the productivity of Artificial Intelligence. In this sense, the company announced the next updates in Artificial Intelligence for its Windows operating system.

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