Microsoft improves the installation and update to Windows 11

It is becoming more and more evident that Microsoft is putting all the meat on the grill in order to grow the share of Windows 11 users with higher speed. And, with the latest news in this regard, I admit that it seems to me that they have been quite successful. Again, like yesterday’s discussion of the future taskbar overflow feature, we’re looking at a small improvement, but it’s one of those improvements that adds up to a lot of user experience points.

If you have ever installed Windows, it is most likely that after completing the process, you have found that was not the most recent build of the operating system and, consequently, you had to update it. The problem is that, quite often, this process can be quite tedious, especially if it first installs the available updates for the build you have installed, and only then offers you the possibility to update to the current build.

And it may seem like a minor detail, because after all we don’t install/reinstall/update Windows very often (although I’ve known people who did it every two weeks, and I don’t see any friends named Carlos…), but yes, when we do, we hope it will be a process as fast as possiblebut because of what I have mentioned, the process can take more than half an hour (I speak from my own experience), half an hour during which, obviously, you cannot use the computer and, just in case, you try to supervise it.

And it seems that this problem is about to come to an end because, according to what we read on Softpedia, the most recent cumulative update for Windows 11, KB5015882, which is available now as a preview through a manual download from Windows Update, includes a new option that makes it easy to upgrade to the latest OS version directly from the OOBE screen (Out Of the Box Experience) of the Windows installation.

In this way, when we are installing the operating system from a previous build, and if our system is compatible with the most current version of Windows 11, the installer will be able to automatically check for updates and download the update from the first moment. Put another way, the Windows 11 installer will take care of that, in a single process, we have the most current version of the operating systeminstead of having to update it afterwards.

Since it is possible, however, that the user wants to install a particular build of Windows 11, and not the latest one, the wizard will ask the user if they want to perform such an update or if, on the contrary, you prefer the one you are currently installing.

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