Microsoft is hacked, the contactless payment ceiling will change, this is the recap

The ceiling for contactless payment could soon become unlimited, a group of hackers manages to recover 37 GB of data from Microsoft, SpaceX helps its competitor to deploy its satellites, this is the recap.

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A group of hackers has just succeeded in recovering more than 37 GB of data. And the victim is not the least, since it is… Microsoft! For its part, SpaceX has allowed its competitor OneWeb to deploy its satellites. Finally, the contactless payment limit is about to change thanks to a new technology, the “PIN Online”. What do these three pieces of information have in common? They occupied the space of the news of the day before. Come on, let’s go for our big recap!

Farewell to the limited ceiling of contactless payment

Currently used in Germany and in G7 taxis in France, the so-called “PIN Online” technology is about to arrive in France on a large scale. His goal ? Enable consumers to pay contactless and without caps. In reality, it is necessary to enter a 4-digit code as soon as you exceed 50 euros (the famous PIN), without introducing the card into a payment terminal. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to wait a little longer before all the traders are equipped in France.

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Microsoft data gets hacked by notorious hacker group

The group of hackers Lapsus$ is not at its first brilliance. Recently, its members succeeded in hacking the servers of Nvidia, then those of Samsung. This time, Lapsus$ took on another tech giant: Microsoft. The hackers thus managed to get their hands on 37 GB of company data, data which they then revealed on the Web. It includes the source code of Bing, as well as part of the code of Cortana and Bing Maps.

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SpaceX helps deploy competing satellites, but there’s a good reason for that

Caught in the turmoil of the war in Ukraine, the OneWeb company had no choice but to ask for help from its main competitor SpaceX. Faced with the Russian ultimatum, OneWeb’s satellites can never be deployed without the intervention of Elon Musk’s company. An agreement has therefore been concluded between the two companies in order to carry out the deployment of the satellites, the launch of which is scheduled for 2022.

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