Advertising reaches Telegram, but with limits

As they had anticipated from the service itself, Telegram begins to launch its monetization plans and the first of them to be seen is, as expected, the insertion of ads, for the moment only in the public channels of the platform.

As the company has announced, advertising reaches Telegram, but bounded on all sides, both in the form and in the background as well as where that advertising will go, which said like this can sound like anything, but at least in its first iteration it is reduced to what we could call -in fact, like this they call it- as sponsored posts, in the purest style of Twitter.

The particularity of these sponsored messages is that they can only be inserted in public channels with more than a thousand followers and they must keep a proportionality “from one to many”, that is to say, it will not be possible to abuse or exceed a limit. Likewise, these messages may not redirect to an external website, solely and exclusively to other Telegram channels.

Another peculiarity of the sponsored messages of Telegram is that they may be based on the context of the channel in question, but not on the activity of the user or on the platform, so user activity will not be tracked to generate dedicated advertising, something that was taken for granted under the Telegram approach, but specified just in case.

As an example it occurs to me to put the MC channel on Telegram, from where more than 4,000 users follow everything we publish on time (not yet subscribed? What are you waiting for?). Well, if one day you see ads appear, that is, sponsored messages, keep in mind that they will never be ours, but they will have to go technology.

On the other hand, although channels will not be able to choose which ads are shown, Telegram maintains that share the income with the owners. And one last curious detail that is also very reminiscent of Twitter: sponsored messages will have a limit of 160 characters, just enough to drop a message with a hook to attract the user.

Of course, do not expect that suddenly the channels that you follow in Telegram will be filled with messages, because the limitations indicated are added in fact that this feature is for now in beta phase and it is not available for all power channels. For more information about the Telegram advertising system, this page helps with all the information.

The question for those who hate advertising is, can users avoid it? Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, said at the time that yes, there will be that possibility, but without qualifying it. Maybe some kind of subscription? We will have to see it. Telegram has other monetization plans for its service, including functions premium for businesses and advanced users, so it could be a ‘package’.

In any case, if you are one of those who use Telegram and you like their privacy policies, but you don’t like this about the ads … Think about it, because what is not normal is that there is a service of this type, with unlimited storage that is used for good and for evil, and it costs nothing. Because someone is paying what you do not pay, do not hesitate.

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