Minecraft Player Recreates Flappy Bird Using Redstone

A popular but short-lived mobile game, Flappy Bird, has been brought back by a Minecraft user after it was taken off the market. However, the number of people who have already played Minecraft is so large that it hardly needs an introduction.

It has, so far, become one of the most-loved video game franchises of all time, with millions of people still playing it after more than a decade. As a result, fans can construct almost anything they can think of in the game. These creations may even integrate elements from other games.

This explains why several Minecraft players enjoy games on PlayAmo. The online casino offers exciting games such as Minecraft that are playable from anywhere and at any time. However, the following explains more for players who know nothing about Minecraft.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is a 3-D video game where players can construct and destroy different types of blocks. There are also two primary modes in the game: Survival and Creative.

Survival requires players to gather their materials and food. They can also interact with moving or block-like mobs. Also, creepers and zombies are two terrifying creatures in the game.

In Creative mode, players don’t need to eat to survive. They are also capable of breaking through any form of barrier in seconds. The game’s sole goal is to construct and discover new things (and survive).

How Many Players Can Participate?

You can either play alone or with others online. Multi-player possibilities are available through WiFi in the mobile and tablet editions. Some Minecraft online games (servers) allow players to engage in combat with other players, and there are dozens to choose from

What Devices Can I Play Minecraft on?

Minecraft is playable on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. There’s also an iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android smartphone version of the game available.

The PC version is priced at $26.95, and the Microsoft Xbox version costs $20 (1,600 Microsoft points). Additionally, the price for the tablet version of the app is $6.99.

Where Can I Download the Game?

You can download the PC and Mac versions of the game from “”  Xbox Games Store has the Xbox One version ( Also, it’s available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and for smartphones and tablet computers.

Creating Flappy Bird with Redstone

Reddit user “mattbatwings2” recently posted a video demonstrating his mastery of Minecraft’s strong Redstone feature by creating a game within a game. However, when it comes to Flappy Bird, they’ve built their version of the popular 2013 mobile game that became a worldwide sensation. Despite its crudeness, this game captured the essence of the iOS and Android versions when it was still accessible.

Flappy Bird has seen a rebirth in MacOS, despite being officially off the market in 2014. This is due to Flappy Bird being embedded totally within a push notification.

Dong Nguyen, the game’s original designer, became successful after designing the game in the gaming market. The endless gameplay, simple control system, and addictive features in the game captured people’s attention. If you’ve ever played Flappy Bird, you’ll remember how simple it was to become addicted to the yellow Bird bouncing through the air,

Even though Flappy Bird’s premiere was only a few days long, the game was a huge success and the inspiration for many others. Unfortunately, games like Epic Games’ Tappy Chicken were released in an apparent attempt to make a profit from Flappy Bird.

Epic’s version was published in 2014 for Android and iOS. With the release of this clone and others following Flappy Bird’s success, it’s clear how much influence it has.

However, Nguyen took it down from all platforms in February 2014. While no official cause was stated, many believe that the pressures of overnight stardom may have triggered it.


Flappy Bird is still relevant in some form or another, and mattbatwings2’s rendition displays the strength of Minecraft’s Redstone technology. This is just one reason Minecraft has been so popular for the last decade. Moreover, there is no limit to what enthusiasts can do with the red circuitry pieces.

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