MINISFORUM TH50, new mini PC with Core i5-11320H

We continue to review the most important novelties that are reaching the mini PC sector, and this time we have the MINISFORUM TH50, a compact device that maintains the classic line of this type of equipment, but that adopts a silver color finish that breaks with the classic black tones that usually dominate this category.

In terms of design and build quality, the MINISFORUM TH50 scores at a good level. On the front we can see that it has two 3.5 mm jack connectors, one for headphones and one for microphone, two USB Type-A 3.x connectors and a Thunderbolt 4. At the back we have two USB Type-A 2.0 connectors, another two USB Type-A 3.x, one USB Type-C, two 2.5 Gbps LANs, one HDMI output and one DisplayPort.

At the hardware level, the MINISFORUM TH50 mounts a processor Intel Core i5-11320H, a chip based on the Willow Cove architecture (Tiger Lake series) that has four cores and eight threads, and that has an integrated Intel Iris Xe GPU with 80 compute units. Its performance should be more than enough to cover the needs of any average user who is mainly dedicated to office automation, navigation and light editing tasks.

The RAM memory that this equipment mounts amounts to 16 GB of LPDDR4, although we do not know how much storage capacity it will have. We assume that the MINISFORUM TH50 will be available in different configurations, and that the storage capacity of the base model will most likely be around 128 GB, while the top model should reach 512 GB.

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We do not have details on the sale price, so we have to wait. This equipment is very compact and, as we can see in the cover image, it fits perfectly in any workspace, so it can be a good option if we are looking for a powerful team but space is a very limited resource at our table.

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