Sega prepares its arrival in the world of NFTs

Even if NFTs are still controversial, more and more companies are embracing the concept with varying degrees of success. This is the case with video game publishers who have smelled a good deal.

By registering the “Sega NFT” trademark, the logo of which is visible above, the Japanese giant shows that it does not intend to miss the bandwagon of non-fungible tokens. A few days ago, the company’s deputy general manager, Haruki Satomi, said that Sega wanted to try new experiments and that studies were underway internally around NFTs.

A brand to sell NFTs?

At the moment, nothing is decided yet and Sega could finally abandon any idea of ​​wanting to surf on decentralized tokens. This did not prevent him from taking the lead, with this trademark registration with the Japanese intellectual property office.

In the event that Sega were to launch into NFTs, what form could they take? The recent experiences of two major publishers can give some ideas. With its Quartz platform, Ubisoft has mounted a major offensive, selling NFT items and equipment for the game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. For the moment, success is not yet there, but the company seems well on its way to trying to establish itself in this sector.

For its part, Konami played on the nostalgic fiber. The publisher has released commemorative NFTs for sale to celebrate the franchise’s 35th anniversary Castlevania. 14 NFTs were sold at auction, and this time successfully: the sale generated $162,000 in revenue.

With its incredible catalog of famous franchises, Sega could take inspiration from Konami…

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