MIUI 13.5: compatible smartphones, news, here is the first info on Xiaomi’s overlay

The first information about MIUI 13.5, the next version of Xiaomi’s Android-based overlay, has just surfaced on the web. News to come, list of the first eligible smartphones, we take stock of what we know for the moment.

Credits: Xiaomi

Unveiled in December 2021, Xiaomi is still continuing the gradual rollout of MIUI 13, the latest version of its Android-based home overlay. After a broadcast on the 11T Pro in February 2022, the manufacturer announced the arrival of MIUI 13 on 13 additional smartphones in March 2022, the vast majority being models available only in China.

And if the release of MIUI 13 is still going on, the first information about MIUI 13.5 is already starting to appear on the web. Our colleagues on the site obtained some information about the next version of the Android overlay, while the site XiaomiUI was able to preview the beta of MIUI 13.5. The opportunity for us to take stock of upcoming news and on the supposed list of compatible smartphones.

xiaomi miui13.5
Credits: TechRushi

The first info on MIUI 13.5

Let’s start with eligible devices first. Unsurprisingly, we find in the list established by TechRushi all of the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 11T and Mi 11. The Mi Mix 4 and Mi Mix Fold are also affected, just like the Mi 10 and Mi 10T range. Many Redmi will be able to claim a migration under MIUI 13.5, such as the Redmi Note 11, Note 10 and Note 9 Pro 5G. On the POCO side, the list mentions the Poco M4 PRo 4G, the Poco X3 Pro and X3 GT or the Poco F3 GT and F3.

It should be noted, however, that this list is not official, and that it should therefore be taken with a grain of salt. Now let’s come to some new features offered by MIUI 13.5 and unveiled by our colleagues from XiaomiUI. First of all, the interface has been slightly reworked to make it easier to navigate with one hand, as evidenced by the captures of the media with system windows in the center of the screen. Same observation for the Photo application, with zoom controls now placed on the lower part of the screen.

Floating windows also get a minor facelift. Finally, we note the possibility of sharing an internet connection via Ethernet, a feature already present in many manufacturers. In other words, MIUI 13.5 just brings minor changes compared to MIUI 13. Due to lack of official information from Xiaomi, impossible to know when the manufacturer intends to release this new version of its overlay.

xiaomi miui13.5
Credits: XiaomiUI

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