More efficient appliances to save: which ones you should choose

Not all home appliances consume the same and within the same type of appliance we can also find big differences. For example, the consumption of an oven is not the same as that of a television. But of course, inside the ovens we can find models that are much more efficient and others who consume more. In this article we are going to talk about which are the lowest consumption. We are going to talk to you about what you should take into account.

What to keep in mind when using appliances to save

Maybe you want to buy a new refrigerator or you are thinking of changing your old television to save. What should you pay attention to? Nowadays, buying one model or another can be a significant savings in energy consumption each month. It is essential that you correctly choose the one that interests you the most and be able to spend less on electricity.

Of course, you should know that the most efficient are usually more expensive. However, despite the fact that it is an initial investment that can be important, in the long run you will surely end up saving. You will especially save when it comes to household appliances that consume a lot, such as a refrigerator.

What should you take into account when buying an efficient appliance? For some time we can see the energy label. A couple of years ago it changed and now it is structured from A to G. Label A is the most efficient of all, while label G are the appliances with the highest consumption. However, since they removed A+, A++ and A+++, it is now more difficult to see appliances labeled as A and it is more common to see models B or C, which are also efficient.

Therefore, when you go to buy an electrical appliance something that you should always look at is the energy efficiency label. You will see 7 levels that go from A to G. If it is A, B or C, better than E, F or G. For example, in a television with the maximum energy class we can have a saving of just over 50% compared to another G class model.

Save light with electrical appliances

It is not only buying an efficient product

But be careful, to save it is not enough to buy an efficient product with an A label. Keep in mind that they come into play other factors and you will have to configure them correctly and have an adequate use to avoid problems. In the end, to save it is necessary to have a combination between the efficiency of the device, but also the use that we give.

For example, an air conditioner may be efficient but we may be using it poorly. We could set it at too low a temperature in the summer or not ventilate the house properly in the winter months while we are using the air heat pump. Therefore, in those cases we would be spending excessively. You can always place a Wi-Fi repeater well to connect these devices to the network in case they are smart.

The same can be applied to many other household appliances. That a dishwasher has an energy label A, for example, means that it has passed some tests in the eco program and has proven to consume little and be efficient. But if we don’t use that eco program, if we use it with just four decks, we would still be misusing it and wasting energy.

In short, what you should look at when buying an efficient appliance is the energy label. You are going to see a letter that goes from A to G. The closer to A it is, the better. But you should also make good use of the device in order to save energy.

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