Mortal Kombat: the birth of the famous “Get Over Here” move in a historical video

You may have forgotten the deadliest combos of the 1992 game, but it is impossible to forget the famous phrase uttered by Scorpion in a particular move in Mortal Kombat: “Get Over Here”!

Now, thanks to an archival video released by the co-creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, ahead of the series’ 30th anniversary next year, we are able to admire the genesis of that iconic move.

The actor appears in the video Daniel Pesina which, as explained by Boon himself via Twitter, brought Scorpion’s move to life… with some help from recycled frames.

The birth of Mortal Kombat’s “Get Over Here” move

“We certainly made a lot of preparations for our video shoot, but some ideas came to us during the shoot” Boon explained to fans with several tweets. “With the Scorpion chain, it started with ‘Do you know what a great move would be?’ From there you can be a fly on the wall and see us working through the details. “

“One of these details was the speed with which Scorpion threw the chain, which had to be fast so that they could surprise opponents. This meant keeping the animation simple and with very few frames. We also wanted the chain to pass over a dodging opponent, so we kept it at chest height. “

“We were so tight on memory, we didn’t even capture any movement for the victim’s reactions. Instead we borrowed frames from existing animations. You can hear us talking about reusing one of the victim’s “takedown” animations when initially hit by the chain. “

“We also borrowed the victim’s ‘fatal vertigo’ frames to show that she was stunned after being dragged. Reusing existing animations was one of the many tricks we used to save memory, which was much more limited in 1991. “

“Some things make me laugh looking at this after so many years. Try to count how many times you see my arm reach out from the right side, trying to (ninja) mimic the move. Also listening to @therealsaibot describe how he wants to make the rope like a snake by saying “shh shh”. “

“Also… did you notice how young Ed Boon really likes to use the word ‘WAH’ to describe things? WTF? “

Here is the video to which the line “Get Over Here” will be added, a real cult moment in the history of fighting and video games in general:

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