Mother of two children died of Covid-19: her husband demanded that they give him ivermectin and the hospital refused

A 47-year-old woman, primary school teacher and mother of two children, died of complications derived from Covid-19, after her husband sued the hospital where they treated her to demand to be treated with ivermectin, a controversial antiparasitic drug whose use has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English) to combat the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Tamara drock died last Friday, November 12, after three months hospitalized in the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center of Florida, USA. The woman had been connected in September to a fan due to the fact that his state of health was very deteriorated after catching Covid-19; her husband Ryan He also fell ill, but he had no major complications, according to the local Palm Beach Post.

Tamara’s husband had sued the Florida hospital last October for demand to be treated with ivermectin, Nevertheless, the doctors refused and at the same time a local judge rejected the petition and warned that he did not have the power to repeal the order of health specialists. It is not known whether or not the patient was vaccinated against Covid-19.

Interviewed by the Daily Mail, Timothy geary, one of the ivermectin expert doctors, detailed that this drug is useless against viruses, since it is antiparasitic; denied that this drug can inhibit the replication of coronavirus cells despite “studies” that say yes, since this would require large amounts of the medicine and this could cause damage to health.

Ivermectin it is generally used by veterinarians that treat horses, cows or sheep and comes in a liquid presentation, which is what pharmacies sometimes want to sell for people; However, the drug that people could take comes in pills, but it must be taken in very small doses, otherwise it can cause nausea, body aches, swelling in the extremities, among other ills.

Yes they were going to give him the medicine, in another hospital …

The Palm Beach Post notes that an emergency doctor from another hospital in the same chain had agreed to give him the drug to Tamara in a small amount and even told them that there was a pharmacy that would sell them the medicine freely; however, Jake Huxtable, attorney for the Drocks, considered that the dose was very small and the struggle was that it was greater.

However, Tamara could not be discharged to go to the other hospital, because died on November 12 due to complications derived from Covid-19; her husband’s lawyer considered that an injustice had been committed, as he was denied the opportunity to choose what he wanted to happen to his body. “We don’t know if (ivermectin) would have saved his life, but it could have,” he told the media.

Tamara, 47, was a teacher at Egret Lake Elementary and had two children with Ryan, Emily, 14, and Parker, 12. Her family opened a petition on the Go FundMe page to raise funds to help pay for hospital bills. , which according to Ryan, amounts to 150 thousand dollars.


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