The advance of the Omicron variant today December 2: NY on alert for a positive that was in the city

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, reported this Thursday that local health authorities are in contact with those in Minnesota, after a person with the omicron variant of the coronavirus Covid-19 and that he had participated in a convention in the megapolis.

Hochul urged those who participated in the convention to New York to get tested, while urging New Yorkers to get vaccinated. “We knew it would come to New York state at some point,” said the governor in a press conference in which he assured that the authorities are “ready” to face the omicron.

The Department of Health of Minnesota reported today its first case of omicron – the second in the country after California – in a vaccinated man, who has developed symptom mild, and that he said he had been in the Anime convention in New York, November 18-20 (on Japanese pop culture, with exhibits, forums and other events).

Attendees are being contacted by the health authorities

The assistants (about 5 thousand according to ABC channel 7) are being contacted by the health authorities from the city because they have the list of participants. “There is only one way to deal with this: New Yorkers get vaccinated, put on the dose of reinforcement, be ready “, affirmed Hochul and warned that more cases are expected but assured that “it is not a reason to be alarmed.” “We are prepared for this,” he said.

He recalled that it is not the same situation that he faced in March last year when the country had to close its activities Due to the pandemic from Covid. “We are not defenseless against this variant, we are confident that we can handle it. This is not a surprise,” said Hochul, who was accompanied by the head of Health from the state, Mary Bassett, who indicated that after exposure to the virus it is expected to detect it “in the next few days.”

The governor also indicated that she has been in contact with the directors of the conventions Javitts, where the conference was held, as well as with the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio. Di Blasio also referred to the case, and recalled that the conference required the use of a mask and be vaccinated.

India detects first two cases of omicron variant

The government of India reported on Thursday the detection of two cases of the omicron variant, the first in this nation of 1.350 million inhabitants that is experiencing a period of relative calm after being the global epicenter of the pandemic in May.

Both cases were confirmed in two men aged 66 and 46 years in the southern state of Karnataka and both have shown mild symptoms of diseaseLav Agarwal, Deputy Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Health, reported at a press conference.

“In these cases in the country and in those detected around the world so far, no symptom serious. The who (World Health Organization) continues to study the evidences”, He indicated. The cases were detected amid the tightening of the measures of prevention imposed in the country for passenger arrivals from nations on the high risk list.

“There is no need to panic by the detection of omicron,” said the secretary who attributed the discovery of the two cases to the effectiveness of the security measures imposed. “Let us not be afraid or panicLet’s be more responsible ”, he insisted. The presence of the variant was confirmed after both men tested positive for Covid-19 performed upon entering the country, and then the samples were submitted to a genome sequence.

EU will ask travelers to test negative for Covid

USA will require from next Monday all travelers who move to its territory to present a negative test of coronavirus in the 24 hours prior to your flight, regardless of your flight status vaccination or country of departure, with the aim of stopping a possible spread of the new variant of COVID-19, omicron.

It is one of the measures announced this Thursday by the Administration of the US president, Joe biden, within his winter plan against Covid-19, which has eight more provisions. Up to now, USA required proof of coronavirus before departure to vaccinated and unvaccinated air travelers, but was stricter with those who have not received the inoculations.

In fact, the unvaccinated had to present a negative test in the 24 hours before the flight, while the vaccinated They had to do the same but in the previous 72 hours.

“This stricter time frame for all Travellers provides an additional degree of public health protection as scientists continue to assess the omicron variant“said a senior US official, who preferred to remain in the anonymity, in a call with journalists.

Quarantine for travelers arriving in the US is ruled out

This source ruled out that travelers have to stay in quarantine certain time after arrival or undergo another test of coronavirus two or three days after stepping on US soil, as several media outlets in the country had advanced.

Beyond the protocols for Travellers, Biden’s winter plan against the coronavirus includes measures to promote booster shots among all adults; expand the number of inoculations between children; increase access to free tests at home; and increase protections in the workplace.

Likewise, the program Biden, announced this Thursday by the White House, strengthen rapid response teams to help combat potential spikes in cases and ensure the supply of pills from treatment against Covid-19 once they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English), among others.

Omicron variant is not a cause for panic in the US

Although the high official acknowledged in the call that the new omicron variant is “cause for concern” in the United States, he said “is not cause for panic.” “We have the tools we need to face this variant and continue to advance in our fight against virus. We are using them to keep the population safe, keep our schools open, and protect our economy“, he sentenced.

USA confirmed this Wednesday the first case in its territory of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, which has been detected in California and that corresponds to an individual who returned to the United States from South Africa last November 22.

On USA, the country hardest hit by pandemic with more than 780 thousand deaths, almost 20% of its population has also already received the dose of reinforcement of available serums.


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