Need Games !: the news for Lucca Comics and Games 2021

Need Games!, a popular RPG publisher, will be attending the Lucca Comics and Games 2021 with many very interesting news (and much awaited by us players!) and with two exhibition stands!

To celebrate the return of the most important fair of the gaming scene in Italy, Need Games! will bring lots of news, from new titles to manuals that enrich some of his most famous editorial lines.

All the news of Need Games! at Lucca Comics 2021

Yes, at this year’s Lucca Comics we will be able to find friends from Need Games! in two stands: one main in the Games Area of ​​the Ex Cavallerizza and one entirely dedicated to Fabula Ultima in the Japan Area at the Lucca Exhibition Center.

But now let’s discover all the new manuals that we can find at the fair:

Zombicide: Chronicles

Zombicide: Chronicles is the role-playing game set in the world of CMON’s famous Zombicide board game. This is not the usual nightmare on a ‘zombie apocalypse: In Zombicide Chronicles, you can prove to the undead that the living can still fight back and have the weapons and willpower to fight them! Written and developed by the Need Games team! together with the dynamic duo of the Italian RPG, Marco Maggi And Francesco Nepitello, Zombicide: Chronicles includes the main rules and Mission Types that allow you to create your own Zombicide adventures with a simple and intuitive system that uses the same six-sided dice as the board game.

In addition to the basic manual, we will also find the Survival Guide, volume that adds some new Survivor archetypes, Equipment, SNGs, Voices and a lot of new mechanics; And Stories from the Apocalypse which includes 10 complete Missions. Each adventure takes place in a different District of the City and belongs to one of the 10 Mission Types presented in the Zombicide: Chronicles core manual.

Odyssey of the Dragon Lords

Odyssey of the Dragon Lords it’s an epic fantasy campaign from the 1st level to over the 15th, written for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons from Arcanum Worlds, the creative team behind gaming industry masterpieces such as Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age: Origins, and many more. The adventure is set on the lost continent of Thylea, inspired by the most famous legends of Greek mythology.

In the manual we will find the description of the setting of the world of Thylea, the two cities, the dungeons, the islands; eight Epic Paths (Epic Paths provide powerful motivation for your hero, making him the centerpiece of the story), new Class Archetypes and new playable Races. In the manual there will also be the rules for creating characters belonging to the six new native races of Thylea: nomadic centaurs, cursed jellyfish, fearsome minotaurs, fascinating nymphs, deceptive satyrs and winged sirens!

Historia – Map Set

With the new Maps set of Historia we will be able to discover even more closely the feral world of Dressing room. The maps represent the nations and main places on the western continent where the stories of The Book of the Adventures of Historia unfold: Map of Vesteria, Map of the Confederacy, Map of the Holy Kingdom, Map of the Green Pit, Map of the Avian Islands and many more still!

The Witcher – Book of Tales

A manual to venture into the world of The Witcher, discover secrets, slaughter monsters and give life to exciting stories, told in an absolutely sincere way by the famous bard Dandelion.

In this book you will travel from the icy mountains of Kovir to the Nilfgaard Empire, up to Toussaint, where wine flows in rivers, all between fascinating characters and complex intrigues. The Book of Tales is a supplement that includes six adventures, which can be brought together in a campaign that covers the entire continent, with maps, additional material for the players and, above all, new monsters.

Vampires – Sabbat: The Black Hand

The self-proclaimed Sword of Cain fights a war – an ancient war, a holy war, a war of Gehenna – against the legendary progenitors of the clans, the Antediluvians. Quoting the Book of Nod, the Sabbat seeks to avenge Cain’s ancient betrayal by his disobedient sons, through none other than the destruction of the Antediluvians and enslavement of the mortal world under a brutal vampire-dominated hierarchy.

Sabbat – The Black Hand is the sourcebook of Vampires: The Masquerade That Tells how to insert the Sabbat sect as an antagonist in the Chronicles of Fifth Edition, entering into the details of the history and current situation of the Sword of Cain.

Warhammer 40,000 – Lost System: Player’s Guide

Cut off from the mighty Imperium due to the Great Rift and besieged on multiple fronts by the demonic forces that emerge from the rip into reality, the Gilead system stands as a bastion of faith inEmperor. Unable to call for reinforcements or escape the System, the citizens of these planets struggle to preserve the Imperial Creed as they repel the vile xenos, corrupt renegades, and loathsome demons that assail them. As the heterogeneous Factions of the Imperium join forces in these desperate times, divisions also deepen. With the watchful gaze of the Emperor darkened by the Great Rift, powerful opportunists pursue their goals and rekindle old rivalries. The grim worlds of the Gilead System are filled with intrigue, betrayal and secret plots.

Lost System – Player’s Guide contains: in-depth information on the planets of the Gilead System; three new playable Species; twenty new playable Archetypes; practical compendiums to the fragmented Factions of the Gilead System; de much more!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – The Enemy Within vol. II (Death on the Reik)

Death on the Reik is the second volume of the revised and updated Director’s Cut, de The Enemy Within, one of the most famous campaigns role-playing games never written. This volume continues what was told in The Enemy in the Shadow, leading our unlikely heroes on a great adventure up and down the famous Reik, the largest river in the Old World and the commercial artery that reaches the heart of the Empire.

At the fair we will also find the Compendium to Death on the Reik, an indispensable guide. The numerous additional rules, ready-to-use NPCs, tantalizing adventure ideas and a range of tips for all GMs form a perfect set of content that will enrich the Enemy Within or any other WFRP adventure experience. Also included are new creatures of the rivers, the new Career of the Warrior of Tzeentch and the Emperor Luitpold, a luxury vessel full of secrets in the staterooms of the nobles and between the boards of the hull. And the most passionate can also delight in the Collector’s Edition of Death on the Reik!

But the news for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay doesn’t end there! In fact, at the fair we will also be able to find Archives of the Empire: volume 1, a fascinating and varied collection of articles covering the Old World far and wide. This first volume focuses on species such as Dwarves, Elves and Halflings, whose presence enriches (or exacerbates) the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This volume details new locations, new careers (including the amazing Rider!) And new NPCs, perfect for inclusion in your next WFRP adventure!

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