These Games Are As Insane As Blue Whales

Who doesn’t love playing games online?

The online world is filled with surprising twists and turns, and sometimes, the games it contains also come loaded with surprises or rather SHOCKS!!!

Yes, many games on the internet can be deadly for the players, and when we say deadly, we literally mean it.

You can’t download these games from platforms like RarBG, but the games find you.

You must have heard of The Blue Whale Challenge?

It was a game where the game admin targeted some mentally vulnerable kids online and asked them to complete a series of dangerous tasks, which ultimately ended with them committing suicide.

Sounds horrifying, right?

Well, Blue Whale is not alone on this list. There are plenty of other games that are as insane as Blue Whales.

Let’s take a look: 

1: Mariam’s Game

It’s about a girl living in the 18th century who could mysteriously connect with ghosts. 

The game designers have paid careful attention to its narrative, storytelling, and creating an eerie ambiance to keep the players hooked. 

In the game, Mariam is lost, and you are supposed to help her find her way back home. The artificial visuals and loud sound effects are not the only things dangerous about it. 

While playing, players are asked a series of personal questions accompanying Mariam. This is why it has spiked so much controversy on social media. 

2: The Momo Game

Momo Challenge targets mentally vulnerable kids, and just like the Blue Whale Challenge, it also instructs people to take their lives.

Even though you could play this game on Steam, reports said that the game’s link was circulated through Whatsapp.

Here, you have to communicate with an unknown person with an unknown number. Once your MOMO account is created, you are asked to perform a series of violent tasks that end with suicide.

If someone says NO to these tasks, the game admin threatens to release their personal information online. 

3: Fire Fairy

You have to be an idiot to believe this hoax literally. This online prank game advises children to turn on the stove at midnight when no one is awake and then sleep.

The game promises that the children will wake up and become fire fairies.

According to reports, a 5-year-old girl has already fallen victim to this game. She turned on the stove and went back to sleep. As a result, she suffered several severe burns, which were life-threatening.

You may think that how can anyone believe in these? But, people do believe, and that’s why it targets young kids.

4: My Friend Cayla

No, this is not an online game. It’s a smart toy that can interact with your child like a real friend. 

Cayla dolls are equipped with microphone devices, and they record whatever conversation your child has with them. Unfortunately, it means this doll violates the privacy rules by transmitting audio conversations to a remote server.

The German Government has urged parents to destroy this doll because it comes with hidden espionage devices.

Even though the doll looks really pretty with an adorable outfit, people don’t suspect it. But you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right? 

5: Roblox

This online gaming platform urges users to engage with one another in a virtual world and take part in role-playing games. 

However, the chat feature in this gaming platform allows pedophiles to communicate with your child and send him sexually explicit messages.

There are many kids who have already fallen into this online world of bullies and pedophiles. Unfortunately, parents tend to discover these games when it’s too late, which takes a tragic turn in their lives.

Even though there are adults who are playing games on Roblox safely, the platform is not ready to accommodate the younger audience yet.  

Do You Dare?

There you have it. 

We have made a list of online games as deadly and insane as Blue Whales. 

Since these games mostly target young children, parents should be more cautious of what their children do and who they mix with online. 

There are many other games that can cause bodily injuries to your kids, such as The Choking Challenge, Car Surfing, Five Finger Fillet, Salt & Ice Challenge, etc. 

But, these games are not played online. So, that’s a relief because if someone challenges your kid into these weird games, you’ll probably have a better chance to know about it.

So, stay safe, and watch your kids well. 

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