Netflix could be preparing its own video game platform

Netflix goes for video games

After offering a large number of documentaries and content dedicated to video games, Netflix seems to be willing to make the final leap to the subject according to the latest information published by Bloomberg. And it is that as indicated by the prestigious media, the company has hired the services of a former director of Electronics Arts and Facebook to lead the project.

This is Mike Verdu, who will join the company as vice president of game development. It is important to mention that Verdu was previously vice president of Facebook and was in charge of establishing relationships with developers to bring games and all kinds of content to the viewers of Oculus virtual reality.

Is this the real I go to the game in streaming?

Today there are already several protagonists that we have around the streaming game, but perhaps the most prominent is Microsoft with its Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is already available from browsers and iOS devices and has a huge pull thanks to being associated with the successful Game Pass.

The rest of the proposals do not end up standing out too much, with NVIDIA GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Stadia among the most prominent, leaving an impression of the game in streaming very weak and without much appeal. For this reason, the arrival of a new service could sound repetitive and could even saturate the market, however, we are talking about one of the greatest exponents of streaming platforms, so perhaps it is the missing piece to complete this complex puzzle.

When will we see Netflix releasing video games?

According to the published information, everything indicates that Netflix would be able to offer videogames on your platform during 2022 and they would come directly to the service grid, without any additional subscription and not having to pay more for what users are currently paying for their services.

There are many doubts about what type of games it will be able to offer, whether they will always be self-produced and what type of peripherals we can connect to the different types of devices on which the service is available, so we will have to wait to receive more information at the respect to continue imagining how this Netflix proposal will be.

An idea that makes a lot of sense


In recent months, Netflix is ​​seeing one of its latest competitors growing at a hellish rate. We are talking about Disney +, which with its branches of Marvel and Star Wars has managed to monopolize a tremendous number of users that has allowed it to grow exponentially in recent months. For that reason, Netflix’s idea of ​​betting on video games is to capture a pinch of one of the industries that move the most money, so the investment could be very important if they truly seek to be number one in this.

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