Netflix ends shared accounts in Spain

The most feared moment by many Netflix users in Spain has arrived. After many months talking about the streaming service’s plans to end shared accounts globally, the company has published a statement informing that its more than controversial measures to prevent users from sharing their passwords It will begin to be applied in our country, in our neighbor Portugal, in Canada and in New Zealand.

Thus, Netflix extends to these four countries the possibility of making an additional payment for shared accounts that do not share the same address, an experience that has already been applied for nearly a year in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, and that in the middle of last year it was extended to the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Now, it seems that this additional payment method is leaving Latin America for the first time, reaching Europe, North America and Oceania.

Thus, Netflix has announced the prices that the additional accounts will have, they are the following:

  • Spain: 5.99 euros.
  • Portugal: 3.99 euros.
  • Canada: $7.99 Canadian.
  • New Zealand: NZ$7.99.

Yes, you read that correctly, the cost of adding an account to the Netflix family plan in Spain will have to be added 5.99 euros to the 17.99 euros of the monthly fee for the main plan, that is, 23.98 euros per month .

Netflix ends shared accounts in Spain

Waiting for having to try, by force, the system established by Netflix so that I can use my account when I do not connect to the service from my home, which happens in a very common way (and I do not consider myself an exception, in truth I know many people in similar circumstances), I cannot fail to point out the predisposition, more than negative, that this measure adopted by Netflix poses to me and that, without a doubt, is directly related to its more than worrying economic results.

as a subscriber Nor does it seem too elegant to me, on the part of Netflix, that users have to find out through a statement on the American website from service. Neither the website for Spain indicates anything in this regard nor, for the moment, have we received any communication from the company informing about this change. Surely such communication will occur in the next few hours or days, but since it is something that was already planned in advance, it would have been a bit more elegant to inform the users first, who in the end are the ones who pay for the service.

Regarding the habit of sharing passwords and contracting accounts among several users, there is no doubt that this has a significant effect on service accounts. However, according to data that we recently learned, it seems not in the sense in which the company proposes it, since this hack to shared accounts will most likely result in a large volume of casualties, which of course, they will mean even less income than what an account offers, even if it is shared.

As we have already commented on more than one occasion, Netflix is, at least in Spain, the most expensive streaming service of the wide existing offer. In his time, when the competition was much less and his catalog had many more third-party references, this could have been a pass. Now, however, and more with the hack to shared accounts, the numbers are, for users, increasingly red.

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