Netflix upgrades ad-supported plan with 1080p support and a maximum of 2 streams

Netflix decided to promote a plan with advertising in response to the loss of users that began to register at the beginning of the decade. Said plan is cheaper, but in exchange it provides advertising to users and introduces some limitations compared to the more expensive ones. Now the company has given it a twist by allowing access to the resolution 1080p and playback of up to two streams at the same time without raising the price.

The new conditions of the Netflix ad-supported plan have already been rolled out in Spain and Canada and are expected to be expanded to twelve other countries during the remainder of the month. Until now the plan gave access to a maximum resolution of 720p, so raising it to 1080p will allow you to adjust to at least the most common resolution of PC screens.

Despite the apparent unattractiveness of the ad-supported plan, it seems the company is doing well with it, as it has commented that the income from there in the United States already exceeds that obtained through the standard plan. Another aspect to take into account is that recent licensing agreements have allowed for an average parity of 95% worldwide for content compared to ad-free plans. In this way Netflix has been in charge of filing one of the main complaints about the plan with ads.

Netflix plans for Spain

Netflix plans for Spain.

Netflix’s ad-supported plan costs 5.49 euros per month from Spain compared to 7.99 for the Basic plan, the base 12.99 for the Standard plan and the base 17.99 for the Premium plan. The Big N of VOD has given the definitive shelving to DVDs and is getting harsh with the sharing of accounts at least in the United States, while as an alternative it offers the possibility of using this feature for an extra payment in Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and Canada.

As we’ve already said, support for 1080p and two simultaneous streaming will not impact the price of the ad-free plan, at least for now. Seeing the apparent success of the plan, everything seems to indicate that Netflix will continue betting on continuing in the same line to be able to come back and strengthen itself in the face of increasingly fierce competition.

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