This is what is found on the Dark Web to scam you

The Dark Web it is basically the part of the internet that is hidden from normal search engines and where hackers trade with stolen data, malware and tools to launch attacks. All kinds of illegal documents and programs can be found there. Now, what is there really? What are the most common password stealing or scamming methods that are on the Dark Web?

Phishing and Trojans, the most present on the Dark Web

The dark web forums they are full of all kinds of malicious software and tools that are used to steal passwords, personal data and compromise a system. The truth is that there is a bit of everything. This can be used by hackers to attack a business or legitimate users as well. The goal is, in many cases, to put that stolen information up for sale again on the Dark Web.

What is most found today on the Dark Web to defraud victims are tools of Phishing and stealers or Trojans to steal credentials and data. The first is very common to steal passwords. Basically what they do is impersonate a legitimate page or application and thus steal the keys. The second are varieties of malware responsible for collecting data and information, also passwords and credentials.

But not only these two specific cases, but also zero-day malware and ransomware. These are two very important problems for network security and are really widely used to be able to enter a system, steal information and, in the case of ransomware, demand a ransom in exchange for profit.

These data are collected in the annual Risk Based Security report. There they also indicate that within the access data offered for sale on the Dark Web, remote desktop, VPN and content management systems stand out. Cybercriminals steal such credentials and put them up for sale on the Internet.

Tips to be protected

So, what can we do to be protected and that our data does not end up on the Dark Web or not be victims of attacks that use any of the tools for sale there in forums? It is important to take into account some recommendations that we are going to give and that we must apply. You must know the techniques by which passwords end up on the Dark Web.

The first and foremost thing is to always keep the common sense Present. We must not make mistakes that may affect safety. For example, some common mistakes are downloading programs from unsecured third-party sites, opening email attachments without checking security, or logging into platforms that may actually be Phishing.

But we must also have security programs installed. A good antivirus will prevent the entry of threats. For example Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender are some popular solutions. They will help detect very diverse malware that may be present on the Dark Web.

Also, having the updated equipment It will allow to correct vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. It is necessary to have all the available patches, no matter what operating system we are using or what programs we have installed.

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