New Apple Sales Record Earning $ 81,434 Million In Revenue

Again the Cupertino company manages to break all records in quarterly results that clearly show iron health in tough times. We know that figures are usually boring and that is why we are not going to delve too deeply into them, we simply want to show some of the most relevant data.

Logically $ 81,434 million in one-quarter revenue is a lot of money and these revenues far exceed those obtained in the previous year, which were already a record. The total increase is 36% and this is not easy to achieve in the current context.

Macs manage to outperform iPads in revenue

The trend of the Mac in recent months is being really good, the company in this case has managed to enter 8.235 million dollars in this third quarter and thus exceeds the 7,368 million dollars obtained from the sale of the iPad. It may seem that it is little money but it really is a lot and more considering that the iPad has always been a product of “easy sale” since everyone wants an iPad because of the scarce competition, on the other hand there are many and cheaper computers that the Macs.

The arrival of the M1 has undoubtedly been a breath of fresh air for Macs and it is that quarter by quarter sales records continue to be broken. In this case, they are even close to what has been achieved by the set of wearables and accessories. These are the figures obtained:

  • Mac: $ 8.235 million
  • iPhone: $ 39.57 billion
  • iPad: $ 7.368 million
  • Wearables and accessories: $ 8.775 million
  • Services: $ 17,486 million

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