New beta firmware available for AirPods Pro

Apple has elevated a simple device like a pair of wireless headphones to the utmost complexity. So much so that every time it updates its firmware, it first launches a beta for developers to test for possible bugs.

Today he just released a new beta firmware for developers of the firmware specific to the AirPods Pro. We will be on the lookout to see what news it brings.

Apple just released a new AirPods Pro firmware in beta for members of the Apple Developer Program.

The first beta that existed until now already included FaceTime Spatial Audio and Environmental Noise Reduction. Initially it was expected that the custom transparency mode, including Conversation Boost, will be included in this new beta, but it seems to have been delayed and will be included in a later version.

This new beta is now available for download under the “More Downloads” heading on the Apple developer website. To install beta firmware, users must have an iPhone with software iOS 15 beta, a Mac with the software Xcode 13 beta and have your AirPods Pro fully charged.

A very “laborious” installation

Install beta firmware is more laborious than most other betas from Apple developers. Requires an AirPods Pro configuration profile to be installed on an iPhone, AirPods Pro to be connected to iPhone, iPhone to be connected to Mac running beta version of Xcode 13, beta firmware configuration to be activated iPhone Preview, AirPods Pro Automatic Beta Software Updates are activated, and then an on-screen process is followed. Apple notes that users should be patient, as it can take up to 24 hours to receive and install these updates. What a fabric.

Developers should note that once installed, there is no way to reverse to a non-beta version of AirPods Pro firmware. The only option is to disable updates and wait for an official non-beta version.

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