New colors for the AirTag Leather Loop and AirTag Key Ring, but not at Apple

AirTag Leather Loop and AirTag Key Ring

One of the largest markets that Apple has is not for the devices themselves, but for the accessories that it is able to sell for them. When the AirTags were launched, the accessories immediately accompanied them. We have everything from key rings to luggage tags made by Hermés. This reef does not stop and that is why new ones have come out in different colors. But it so happens that some of those colors Apple does not sell them at the moment, if not they are third party retailers.

In addition to introducing the new MagSafe battery pack last week, Apple introduced the new accessories AirTag Leather Loop and AirTag Key Ring in updated colors, but it looks like there will be more official shades to come, if the existing third-party vendor lists are accurate. For example, Amazon currently has additional AirTag Loop color options in Capri Blue and Pink Citrus, and both the AirTag Leather Loop and AirTag Leather Key Ring are available in Meyer Lemon.

The colors appear in other third-party online retailers as well, but none of them appear in Apple’s online store. All resellers list additional colors as out of stock through August or September, so it’s always possible for Apple to add them to its own online store at that time as well.

It seems that the listings, detected by the user of Twitter Epictechh, they will be shipped to consumers at the end of August. It’s unclear why they’re listed now, and it appears Amazon took the individual items earlier. In total there are four elements. They are all listed as being sold by Amazon rather than a third-party seller.

From what we have been able to observe, for the moment they only meet in the American market. We will have to be patient.

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