New dials for Apple Watch Series 7, can they be installed on others?

What are these exclusive spheres?

As usual, Apple always takes advantage of the launch of the new model of its smartwatch, and consequently, of the new version of watchOS, to give users the possibility of using new spheres. With the launch of the Series 7 this movement has not been an exception, and again the Cupertino company has added some dial models to the users of this new watch. These are the spheres of Outline and Modular duo.

The Outline sphere is the one that Apple used to present this new watch which, as the main novelty, has a larger screen and hence this sphere makes the most of this new screen. Secondly, the Modular duo sphere is not new as such, since what Apple has done is also take advantage of that screen increase to introduce a larger line that allows users to squeeze more this sphere that, as we already said, was already available for previous generations of the device.

Can they be installed on all Apple Watch?

Surely the question that many users are asking is if the spheres that we have talked about previously are exclusive to Apple Watch Series 7 or not and the answer is yes. This is because they are two spheres specifically designed to make the most of the screen size of this new Apple watch. However, and as we have warned before, the modular duo is still available to all users in its usual version.

New watchOS 8 dials

In addition, with watchOS 8 Apple has also introduced new features that are not only exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 7 as are the dials of Pictures, Universal time, and Nike bounce for all users of a model of the American brand. However, the variety of spheres does not end here, since in the App Store there are numerous applications that allow you to download spheres for your Apple Watch, further increasing the possibilities of customizing the watch completely to your liking.

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