All Methods to Transfer Data Between Two iPhones

Via iCloud sync

It is important to note that iCloud is a great tool for many users. This is very useful, especially to be able to store information that is important. But although it may seem at first that only cloud documents are stored, it is not limited to this. In the cloud that is linked to your Apple ID is a lot of valuable information. One of them is the contacts you had on another iPhone, but also the photos and notes you had. It is true that for photographs there are some drawbacks and it is that you need to have an extra storage contracted in the cloud itself.

This upload of information is practically automatic. That is why when you have another iPhone, what you are going to have to do is configure it as if it were completely new. In the questions that are asked during this setup, it is important to select the setup as new and sign in with the Apple ID of the same device. In this case, when it starts, it will have to carry out a waiting process to be able to download all the information, including files, photographs and also the contacts you have or the notes.

Make use of backup

One of the great recommendations that is always practiced when using an electronic device is to make a backup. In this case, what is done is to contain information in a localized way outside the iPhone as such. In this case, it can be found concentrated in iCloud or also locally on a computer that has Windows or macOS installed. This is something that is done through iTunes in the first, or in the Finder itself in the second case.

When applying the backup, what is going to be done is to transfer the information from one iPhone to another in a comfortable way. The way to recover the information following this process is really simple, since it must be applied in the initial process, as we have commented previously. The steps are the following:

  1. Turn on the new device. A welcome screen will appear. If you have already set up the new device, you must erase it before you can follow these steps.*
  2. Follow the steps until the Wi-Fi screen appears.
  3. Tap a Wi-Fi network to connect to it. Follow the steps until the Apps & Data screen appears, then tap Restore with iCloud Backup either Restore from Mac or PC.
  4. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

If you want to transfer data between two iPhone

But of course, there are other situations in which information must be transferred between two iPhones that are not new. In this case, for example, the transfer from your iPhone to a friend’s computer stands out, but also between two devices that you own. It is ideal in this case to have different methods as we show you below.

air drop

AirDrop has accompanied devices in the Apple ecosystem for a long time, and it has been really useful. It is a system that is ideal for transferring data between different devices in the ecosystem, such as between two iPhones. In this case there is the limitation imposed by being completely together connected to the Bluetooth or Wifi network simultaneously. That is why AirDrop is defined as a connectivity system that is very reminiscent of Bluetooth, when it was used not so long ago to transfer different multimedia files.

air drop

There are many elements that can be shared through this system, such as files, photos, contacts and even the passwords of your favorite services. The operation is really simple, since you are simply going to have to choose select the file in question and the share menu itself, you will be able to choose the AirDrop and specifically the device to which it will be able to be sent. In this case we are talking about a system that can be quite slow in this case and requires a physical approach. This can become a problem, but it is undoubtedly a method that is within the ecosystem and that can give a lot of play in this regard when it comes to sharing information.

Make use of cloud systems

Beyond all this, it must be remembered that there are numerous cloud systems to be able to transfer data. In this case, for example, Google Drive or OneDrive. In this situation, all you have to do is upload the file to this cloud from the original iPhone, and then share it through your own email so that you have access to it. From that moment on the second iPhone you will be able to access information quickly. In the event that both iPhones are yours, what you will have to do is upload it to the cloud and download it to another device.

cloud icloud dropbox google drive

Also, keep in mind that there are some online platforms that aim to send large files with a simple link. The most common is to use WeTransfer, which, as its name suggests, will have the mission of transferring files. In this case you cannot upload photos to transfer, which is the limitation. But it is ideal for files that have a large size and that it is difficult to do it by other methods that are slower.

There are third-party programs

Beyond these systems, keep in mind that there are other methods that are completely external to Apple and its control. This is something that can become quite common, since tools that are common to carry out maintenance tasks are used. These are programs made by third-party developers that are going to pursue data transfer between two different iPhones. The only thing you are going to have to do is install the application in question on your PC or Mac. Once done, you will have to connect both devices to the computer to start the transfer.

dr.fone transfer

In the software itself, you will have to select everything that you want to transmit at that moment. What you are going to have to do is always know what you want to select, since dand this will depend on the time it will take. In this case, you will be able to choose photos, files, contacts and even the videos that you have stored. Among the most popular software, you can find dr.fone.

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