New variant of Covid-19 in France, will it reach Mexico?

The government of France reported this Wednesday about the discovery of a new variant of Covid-19 which has been discovered after detecting 24 new contagions in a school located in the French region of Brittany; health authorities reported that so far the strain is controlled, however, they do not know the speed with which it spreads.

The authorities French women indicated that it is unknown what this new strain can cause in humans; for now it was named as B.1.5640 and, according to an academic from the University of Bar-Ilan, the also called B.1.X contains some peculiarities that cannot be compared with the Delta variant.

The source noted that protein of B.1.X adheres to cells in variable samples, but it has not yet been possible to determine its danger of contagion. Meanwhile, French health officials maintain surveillance of the virus and so far only 24 infections have been reported.

Strain discovered in England could be more contagious than Delta variant

While this is happening in France, a short distance away, in England, it was reported that in this country a new variant of coronavirus was also detected, called AY.4.2, which could be more contagious than the Delta variant by up to 15 percent. It was highlighted that unlike the B.1.X, AY.4.2 has generated approximately six percent of the infections that have been reported in the European country.

The variant in English it has two mutations in its protein called A222V and Y145H, which causes the coronavirus more easily enter the cells, is highlighted in the report. So far, Europe has once again become the epicenter of alert due to the outbreaks of contagions from Covid-19 they have recently registered. For now, the Mexican authorities have not referred to the risk posed by these new variants and therefore it is not ruled out that both strains come to our country.

France remains on alert for spike in infections

The French Government reported today that it is on alert due to a strong rebound in contagions in recent weeks that at the moment does not translate into a worrying situation in the hospitals, and insists that he has no plan lockdown.

The Government Spokesperson, Gabriel AttaHe explained yesterday in an interview with the radio station France Inter that after eighteen months of health crisis “Nothing should be excluded on principle”, when asked about the eventuality of a lockdown.

Regarding the possibility of resorting to measures of this type for the Christmas He declared: “It is not foreseen, neither far nor near, to be confined again.” France is pending because contagions they have risen almost 50% in one week and the threshold of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants has just been exceeded for the first time in two months.

However, Attal insisted that the situation is less bad than in other neighboring countries such as Holland or Germany, and attributed it to a better rate of vaccination thanks to the mandatory nature of the certificate Covid since the summer for many acts of social life.

In the last week, an average of more than 10 thousand have been registered contagions daily while hospitalizations have also grown but at a lower rate, 6-10%. This Monday there were 7,361 sick from Covid hospitalized (250 more than on Sunday) and 1,257 (47 more) in intensive care units. Are figures much lower than the peaks reached in mid-April, when there were more than 31 thousand hospitalized and more than 6 thousand patients in ucis.


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