New Zealand bans smoking for people born after 2008

This is a punch-down decision for New Zealand, which has just definitively banned smoking for people born after 2008.

The target is strong for New Zealand, as it plans to phase out smoking in the country. Until now, and as in most countries, it was prohibited for New Zealanders under the age of 18 to purchase narcotic tobacco products. A new bill enacted in 2022 will however change the situation, since from 2027, the legal minimum age for obtaining tobacco will drop by one year each year. Concretely, all people born after 2008 will therefore never be able to legally buy tobacco.

Eliminate tobacco permanently

The project promises to be complicated to put in place for New Zealand, which each year will have to revise upward its bans on restrictions. The country’s objective is however clear: by prohibiting people born after 2008 from consuming tobacco, the government hopes to gradually eliminate smoking in its country, probably by 2080. (Phentermine) A historic long-term ambition, since it is the first time that a country promulgates a law in the direction of thedefinitive ban on tobacco.

Not without risk

Ideally, a tobacco ban will help future generations to go without cigarettes. However, this decision is not without risk, believe the British American Tobacco New Zealand and the New Zealand Ministry of Health, who fear the creation of a black market around tobacco, as is already the case for illicit substances. “Untested, unfounded and without any scientific proof of their effectiveness”on the contrary, these measures would risk worsening the situation.

However, this is not the first time that New Zealand has taken similar measures. Already in 1990, the country had prohibits the tobacco industry from sponsoring sporting events. With 13.5% of smokers in its adult population, New Zealand hopes to drop below 5% of smokers nationally with its new bill.

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