Newskill Chronos TKL, the new compact keyboard that keeps its number pad

There is no doubt that Newskill wants to start this year in style, since after just a few days of the presentation of the Seth headphones, today it surprises us with the arrival of the new Chronos TKL, a compact keyboard that is out of the norm for keyboards in its category, since despite having a TKL or “TenKeyLess” format, manages to keep its size reduced with the presence of the numeric pad.

And it is that this keyboard manages to maintain the comfort of the pad thanks to the optimization of its compact size, making the most of its space. Equipped with some Outemu switches, the Chronos TKL is ready to give the best of the best for a long time, since the average life of these switches revolves around 50 million keystrokes. Its layout allows all the commands and combinations of common use, making this mechanical keyboard with anti-ghosting technology, much more than a TKL gaming keyboard.


Additionally, Chronos TKL comes with two sets of full keycaps, one in black and one in white, which allow infinite combinations to customize your layout. Make Chronos TKL a different keyboard whenever you want, use a color to highlight your most used keys, combine both colors to make different designs or simply choose a single color.

Although we will not only have the possibility of customizing its layout with black and white keycaps, but we will also have the addition of an independent RGB lighting system for each key, with up to 18 different modes and a wide selection of customization through its dedicated software. A software that will also allow us to easily and intuitively record your macros, those command combinations that are great for you to be even faster in your games.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the new Newskill Chronos TKL available for pre-purchase through the official website of the brand, with a price of 59.95 euros and a small launch discount that leaves it at only 49.95 euros. So, as is customary, we will soon be able to find it also available in other online distributors such as Amazon and PcComponentes.

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