Newskill presents its new gaming mats made with sanity: Themis Pro and Themis Pro RGB

With a final push to close this year in style, the Spanish peripherals company continues to present new products, with the arrival this time of a unique accessory with the new Newskill Themis Pro and Themis Pro RGB, two XL size mats made with sanity materials and an RGB contour that will make us stand out in and out of our games.

As we said, the main characteristic of both mats is undoubtedly its manufacture in cordura fabric, a material that makes this gaming mat much more than a surface to place your peripherals. Thanks to this material, you will enjoy an incredibly slippery mat, in which your movements will have no limits, but with all the security it offers its non-slip natural rubber base, with much faster and more precise movements.

The combination of extraordinary materials, cordura and natural rubber, for its manufacture, make the Newskill Themis Pro very resistant mats. And it is that thanks to their 4 millimeters thick they are enough to perfectly withstand the dragging of the mouse, avoiding the effects of abrasion and deformation, and even help us to avoid the accidental sliding of other peripherals such as keyboards. In addition, its elegant black surface is prepared to resist splashes and avoid stains.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who is always looking for the most gamer style for your setup, you will undoubtedly love the Themis Pro RGB, its variant with RGB lighting. With a simple installation that only requires connecting the USB-C cable to our computer to make it shine, we will also have our own configuration software. With it, we can choose between different lighting modes and colors, including classic still, breath and rainbow modes, and customization with millions of colors.

Thus, in addition to its two variants with and without RGB lighting, we can also choose between two size options for both mats, with a more classic 460 x 400 mm model which will provide us with a great base for the mouse; and a 960 x 400 mm XL model, capable of encompassing a noticeably larger surface to also place the keyboard and other peripherals.

Currently we can already find both Themis Pro and Themis Pro RGB mats available for pre-purchase Through the official Newskill website, although as is the custom of the brand, we will soon be able to find them also available through other local distributors such as Amazon and PcComponentes.

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