Prosegur AVOS embarks on the digital transformation of banking

From offering security and surveillance services to becoming a partner for the digital transformation of financial institutions and insurance companies. This is the incredible journey that Prosegur has experienced in recent years with Prosegur AVOS, a division with which the Spanish multinational hopes to be able to invoice €125 million in 2023which means doubling its turnover for 2021, which was 61 million euros.

Prosegur AVOS, which has in its DNA the outsourcing of processes and the digital transformation of the financial sectors, has also been committed for two years to promoting its growth through hyper-automation and robotization solutionsbringing to entities both their own end-to-end solutions, as well as “à la carte” technological designs, in areas such as bank reconciliation, the automation of banking or the prevention of money laundering.

This has currently led it to work closely with six large financial institutions both in Spain and in Latin America, with a total of more than 100 clients in the banking and insurance sector and more than 3,000 employees.

The company, which began a few years ago as just another division within the group, has acquired such importance that since last year it has been an independent business unit and structures its activity into three main areas: banking and insurance back office, customer relationship services, clients and in its technological area, Prosegur AVOS Tech. Among the solutions that it currently offers to its clients, the following stand out:

  • Checkbot: service that makes document verification more efficient by integrating workflow, RPA, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies.
  • ERF Check: platform that allows the implementation of all types of reconciliations that help detect inconsistencies in the different operations or workflows.
  • AMLCheck: technological solution designed to make it easier for regulated entities to comply with the requirements demanded by the money laundering prevention law.
  • Sherlock: technological solution that makes the preparation of company reports and statutory analysis of faculties more efficient, integrating AI technologies for natural language processing, workflows and microservices.
  • SISnet: Sisnet is a software that allows managing the insurance business in a global, agile and scalable way, using low-code development methodologies, among other things.
  • Chronos: contact center technology platform that allows you to manage all kinds of interactions with customers.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that in 2022 the group reinforced its commitment to transformation processes with the launch of its Center for Robotization, Excellence, Automation and Digitization (CREAD)an area specialized in the field of hyperautomation and robotization of processes.

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