Nio responds to Tesla and its Superchargers with high-powered 500 kW terminals

Nio, the Chinese manufacturer specializing in particular in battery exchange stations, has just announced the launch of its new fast charging stations. With a powerful 500 kW, they currently exceed that offered by Tesla Superchargers.

Credits: Nio

In France, Nio is not really known to the general public. And yet, this company launched in 2014 quickly imposed itself in China thanks to a particular economic model based on the exchange and rental of electric batteries. Currently, Nio can boast of having 1000 operational stations around the world, including one that has just opened in Norway.

In July 2022, the brand announced that it had carried out more than 9.7 million battery swaps. It should also be noted that the company also offers a large fleet of fast charging stations, currently made up of 875 stations and 4,793 terminals. We are still far from the 9000 Tesla Supercharger terminals installed on the Old Continent, but we are getting close.

And to achieve this precisely, the manufacturer has just announced at its Power Day conference the implementation in the coming months of hundreds of 500 kW ultra-fast charging stationsChina and Europe.

nia fast charging stations
Credits: Nio

Nio wants to rub shoulders with Tesla and its Superchargers with 500 kW terminals

If the details are still unclear about these terminals, they would probably be open to all electric vehicles. During the presentation, Qin Lihong, the CEO of Nio, called manufacturers to open their charging networks to all EVslike what Tesla has been offering in France since January 31, 2022. We do know, however, that these fast charging stations will be manufactured in Hungary, in the Chinese company’s first European factory.

With a power of 500 kW, the charging time could finally drop drastically and reach the milestone of only 10 minutes. Be that as it may, the arrival of a new player on the European and French market can only be a good thing.

As a reminder, the EU has made known its desire to impose a charging station every 60 km on the main roads of the member countries by 2025. Suffice to say that France is lagging behind, with only 57,732 points charging stations open to the public. The arrival of Nio will accelerate the pace. As a reminder, Nio recently unveiled the Nio ET5, an electric sedan with 1000 km of autonomy designed to compete directly with the Tesla Model 3.

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