Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge will resurrect the good old RSS feeds

RSS feeds are emerging in Microsoft Edge. No need to install an extension to view the latest news in real time: RSS feeds are now natively supported by Microsoft’s browser.

When you want to consult the news headlines of your favorite sites in real time, without having to open them one by one, you’ve never done better RSS feeds (really simple syndication). But you have to either use a dedicated application, or use a browser that still “deigns” to support them. Because over the years, they have ended up being ousted by most browsers.

If you use Microsoft Edge, it is necessary to install an extension such as Feedbro, Feeder or RSS Reader. Very soon, it will not be really useful to use an add-on: Microsoft Edge will support RSS feeds “natively” that you have taken care to add beforehand.

Microsoft Edge supports RSS feeds without any additional extensions

Would RSS feeds become fashionable again, the ones that were so popular in the 2000s, but ended up disappearing a decade later? After making their comeback in version 91 of Chrome last May, Microsoft Edge will also benefit from it natively. Remember, however, that it is no coincidence that the two sailors benefit from it a few months apart, since they are both based on the same engine (Chromium).

Microsoft Edge RSS feed

The management of RSS feeds in Edge is accessible via the function Collections (simultaneously press the [CTRL] + [MAJ] + [Y] to open the function in question). A new option called Following appears, which allows you to follow the RSS feeds of a site. At the moment, only the version of Microsoft Edge for Windows seems to benefit from this new RSS reader, but it is likely that Microsoft will integrate it into the editions of the browser intended for other platforms.

The functionality in question has already been implemented in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge, but is not yet accessible to all users. As a reminder, this is a beta-phase edition of the browser, which offers a preview test of all the features that will soon be integrated into Microsoft’s software. Finally, note that it is perfectly possible to combine the classic version of Edge and the Canary version.

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