You have it all over your house and it is your best ally to save light in summer

It is about taking advantage of the blinds and curtains. All the windows you have at home can be a means of entry for heat. You can receive direct sunlight in the dining room, in the kitchen or in any other place. What’s up with this? Inevitably, the temperature will increase and you will have to use the air conditioning at a higher power to counteract it.

Use blinds to curb the heat

Why can blinds help save energy in summer? The reason is because act as an insulator. That is, they will prevent more heat from entering from outside. It is the same thing that happens in winter, when they block the entry of cold air. For this reason, just a gesture as simple as lowering the blinds at times of the day when it is hotter outside will help you.

Especially, this is useful when you are not at home. Think of a typical day where you leave home in the morning, go to work, and don’t arrive again until afternoon. If you leave the blinds up, heat has been able to enter all day. On the other hand, if you leave them lowered, you can achieve that, at least, there is less.

What air conditioning does is reach a desired temperature. It is not the same to drop from 28 degrees to 26, for example, than to do it from 30 or 32. The more the temperature has to drop, the more resources it will consume and the greater the energy expenditure. Therefore, if you have had the blinds closed during the day, when you turn on the air conditioning it will have to run at less power.

automate blinds

Home automation, an option

But you should not only take into account the option of using traditional blinds or curtains; you will also be able to use the home automation. This will allow you to control, even without being at home, when a blind is raised or lowered. You can program it, choose it manually, adjust it depending on the temperature…

There are gadgets you can buy that connect to the router, in addition to adjusting it to the blind. Just by pressing a button on the mobile, you will be able to decide when to raise or lower the blind. For example, if you are away from home and you see that it is very hot and the sun is very hot, you can choose to lower the blind so that the room is not so hot when you arrive.

In short, as you can see, you can save energy in summer if you use the blinds you have at home. They will be useful to reduce the heat inside the house and, in this way, you will not have to use the air conditioning at such power. You will be able to better manage the temperature and avoid excessive consumption. If you use home automation, you can always create a Wi-Fi heat map to know where you should boost the signal.

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