Not just for the lights; why your WiFi is worse at Christmas

Why Wi-Fi works worse at Christmas

If you have noticed that at times like Christmas you Wi-Fi is starting to get worse, there are several reasons why this can happen. It is not only because of having or not having Christmas lights on, which is also a cause, but also because of other changes that may occur in your network on those dates. You will see that there are factors that could be limiting your connection or causing errors at certain times.

More connected devices

One of the reasons why the Internet connection works worse at Christmas is because of having more connected devices. This can especially happen if you have an old router or use poor quality Wi-Fi repeaters. The more devices you have connected, the more problems you may have to navigate correctly.

If you have a dinner at home for Christmas and you have invited family or friends, it is likely that having more mobiles connected to the network cause those failures. Especially there can be problems if some device is consuming a lot of bandwidth, for example when playing streaming videos in 4K.

Increased network saturation

But it can also happen that there is greater network saturation for the same reason that we have mentioned, but in the case of your neighbors. That is, it may Wi-Fi networks of your neighbors are more saturated as there are more connected devices in their homes and that will also affect your home connection.

Why is this happening? Maybe you are using the same channel as your neighbors or a nearby one. As the network is more saturated because there are more things connected, it will indirectly affect everyone who is connected to that channel. It does not matter if you hardly have connected devices in your house, since it could still affect you.

In this case, the ideal is to change to the best Wi-Fi channel. That will help you avoid interference of this type that we mentioned and you will be able to navigate better.

Increased use of household appliances

Another reason is to use more appliances In Christmas. There we can name a few such as the microwave, television, video player and any other that uses Bluetooth. This can generate interference, especially when we use devices that use the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Therefore, if at Christmas you have more devices connected, even if they are not using the Wi-Fi network, it could affect the Internet signal. Try to move the router as far as possible from these devices, since the location is going to be key to not having problems and for optimal coverage.

In short, as you can see, it is possible that Wi-Fi is worse at Christmas and not only because of the lights. There may be network saturation, increased bandwidth consumption or even other devices that may be interfering.

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