Not just the Apple Watch: the RaspBerry Pi could save lives

Consumer technology to save lives

At present we have already seen many occasions such as the consumer technology that exists right now is capable of saving lives. One of the most popular examples is the Apple Watch. The Apple smart watch and its different current functions, such as the fall detector, the possibility of calling emergencies or performing ECG (Electrocardiogram), etc., have allowed many users to anticipate possible health problems or notify in case if necessary.

This, which should not always be taken as a one hundred percent reliable substitute for other types of medical instruments, is providing a multitude of advantages to society and has only just begun. Some already say that the future cost reduction and the possibility of having many other different sensors will allow greater control of personal health.

In that field it seems that the RaspBerry Pi could also play a fundamental role. Moreover, according to the comments of a group of researchers from India: the RaspBerry Pi could save many lives.

Blood test with a RaspBerry Pi 4

A group of researchers from India has created a kit capable of performing blood tests easily and safely, although the best of all is that it would be much cheaper than other options used in clinics and laboratories around the world.

Obviously, there would be important differences in terms of the type of analysis that could be carried out, but having the option of accessing a cheaper, easier-to-use set of tools with the capacity for customization and portability would be key in certain countries with fewer resources.

Well, this blood test kit would be based on the using a RaspBerry Pi 4. Yes, the same development board that you use or could use to emulate retro games, play multimedia files or bring a robot to life could also save the lives of many people by being able to perform a blood test in less than a minute.

This blood test is currently something basic, because by means of fluid controller and different sensors what it does is measure the wavelength when it is projected onto a blood stream. This is how you can know the level of some markers such as those that indicate the number of blood cells and the concentration of glucose.

Therefore, as they move forward and add new markers capable of being detected and quantified, the possibilities of this type of kits could completely change the health situation of many less developed countries. Because it would allow detecting potentially dangerous diseases in less time.

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