Now the Apple Watch Series 6 watch on offer for 100 euros less

Looking for smart watch? the kind of Manzana Has it always caught your attention? Then you have to take advantage of this offer. Turns out the model series 6 is currently in amazon with a reduction of no less than 100 euros, which is undoubtedly a tempting drop in price and that you should not miss -we are talking about record low, eye. If you also see it as clearly as we do, you are already taking a long time to continue reading and doing click. Ahead.

Apple Watch Series 6 on sale at Amazon

Apple Watches are without a doubt the most popular watches in their segment. Its good features, its magnificent design (especially in terms of quality) and, why not say it, the support of the apple brand, have made the smartwatch a reference model that many want. If you are also one of them and you have not yet decided on any of them, the definitive signal that it is your moment has just arrived with this offer: a price drop of 23%, which represents a savings of 100 euros Regarding the official cost of the Watch Series 6 (429 euros).

This is the historical minimum price for this model that you can buy with a 329 euro label in an aluminum case and with a white sports strap -you can later change it for the one you like the most, remember that the firm’s catalog of bracelets is quite extensive. Its size is 40 mm.

the clock is shipped and sold by Amazon, which is undoubtedly an advantage and peace of mind, especially at the time of its return in case you are not convinced, since everything is facilities and comforts when it is the firm that manages it. If you are Prime, in addition, it could reach you this Thursday.

A very complete watch

In case you are interested in this watch, it is likely that you already know its features very well, but just in case, we will review them with you. This model has integrated GPS, controls your heart rate with the ECG app, is capable of measuring your blood oxygen and monitors your sleep to better understand how you rest.

your screen Retina Always On shines 2.5 times brighter outdoors when your wrist is at rest compared to previous generations and houses the S6 chip inside, up to 20% faster than Series 5.

Remember that with this watch you can control your daily activity and thus know how you move (even receive notices so that you do so if you wish) and record, of course, your training, whether they are running, walking, swimming, doing yoga, cycling or dancing, among many others.

On the wrist it is light and elegant, with a square case (in this case made of aluminium) and a button/wheel called DigitalCrown with perfect haptic response to control many clock settings (although you can also do it with a finger touch, of course).

In short, a very capable smartwatch that convinces everyone and that you can now get much cheaper. Don’t let him get away.

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