NOX raises the bar with its new Hummer X fonts for PC gaming

We have in front of us two new additions to the Nox Hummer family of power supplies, which are fully modular and have 80 Plus Gold certification, which guarantees an energy efficiency close to 87%. Nox promises us that both power supplies are designed to provide stable voltage and long-lasting service life.

Nox Hummer X 850 W Plus Gold

The first source of these 80 PLUS Gold certified PSUs is a 12V 2.32 & EPS 12V 2.91 / 2.92 type ATX PSU with active PFC. Which, as its name indicates, offers a power of 850 W. Its dimensions are 150 mm x 87 mm x 161 mm and its weight of 2.25 Kg.

Regarding the protections, this power supply has protection against overvoltage (OVP), short circuits (SCP), undervoltage (UVP) and overheating (OTP). In addition, to keep the fountain cool, it has a built-in 120mm fan with speed control at the top that allows it to operate at very low noise levels.

If we go to its energy specifications then we are faced with a power supply that works with the classic input voltages between 100 V and 240 V AC and the also usual frequency between 63 Hz and 47 Hz. All this accompanied by an amperage between 15 and 6 amps. As for its output specifications, you can see them in the following table:

Nox Hummer X 1000 W Plus Gold

US Hummer X 1000W

The 1000 W version repeats the same general specifications of the 850 W model, since its dimensions are exactly the same, 150 mm x 87 mm x 161 mm, and its weight of 2.25 Kg as well. It is also the same type of ATX supply as the 850 W model and, like this one, it is a fully modular power supply with the same interconnections.

Without getting into the differential part yet, as is obvious it also has protection against overvoltage (OVP), short circuits (SCP), under voltage (UVP) and overheating (OTP) and uses the same 120mm fan as the 850W model to keep the power supply cool and the same as the 850W model is designed to be as quiet as possible most of the time.

So the only part that differentiates both models is in the maximum power offered, which in this case is 1000 W and the different output powers. Since the input specifications are common to all power supplies. Here are the energy specifications of this powerful power supply:

Voltage max. Departure +12 V + 3.3 V + 5 V -12 V +5 VSB
Current max. Departure 81 A 20 A 20 A 0.2 A 3 A
Power Comb. Maximum 92 W 100 W 100 W 2.4 W 15 W
Maximum power 1000 watts 1000 watts 1000 watts 1000 watts 1000 watts

Fully modular designs

Nox Hummer X Modular

Both sources are totally modular, which have the following interconnections.

  • 1 ATX 24-pin connector, 570mm long
  • 2 EPS connector of +12 Volts of 4 + 4 pins each and with a length of 670 mm
  • 4 PCI Express connectors of 6 + 2 pins each. Two of them are 530mm long and the others are slightly longer at 630mm long.
  • 9 SATA connectors of 530 mm in length.
  • 3 MOLEX connectors with 4 pins and 530 mm in length.
  • 2 EPS 12V connectors.

Another highlight is its flat wiring, which is totally modular, extra long and of great quality. What facilitates the assembly of these power supplies. In addition, the fact of being modular allows us to avoid all those cables that we do not use, which allows us to have a PC with minimal internal wiring, cleaner and more orderly.

80 Plus Gold certification, is it the best for a gaming PC?

80 Plus Gold Logo

Both the 850 W and 1000 W models are designed for the most demanding users in the PC world. Those who are going to need high power in their systems equipped with the most powerful graphics cards and AMD or Intel CPUs with more cores on the market. Components that, in combination, have very high consumption levels.

As we need to build increasingly powerful systems and therefore scale more and more in terms of consumption, it is when the certification used becomes more important. That is why the people of Nox have designed their Nox Hummer X 850W and 1000W power supplies with 80 Plus Gold certification, which gives an energy efficiency close to 90%. Which is important in these times where the cost of electricity has risen due to taxes resulting from policies against climate change.

Having such a level of energy efficiency reduces electricity consumption and therefore saves energy. This allows us to reduce the electricity bill and therefore ends up saving compared to other less efficient power sources. With this fact alone, compared to power supplies with lower wattage certifications you end up justifying the price of these power supplies, as better certification is money saved in the long run.

It is important to note that although the 80 Plus Gold certification is not the most efficient, it is the one that gives the best quality / price ratio, which means that the sources that include it end up being the ones that save energy. they end up paying faster than others with a lower level of efficiency.

Price and availability

The Nox Hummer X 850 W Gold Edition will be launched with an MSRP of € 129.90, while the Nox Hummer X 1000 W will be slightly more expensive, as it will be available for € 154.90. His availability? They will be available during this month of July 2021. So if you are interested in mounting a PC with these power supplies then stay tuned to your favorite component stores.

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