It has just landed, and Windows 11 already has a new build: 22471

Windows 11 build 22471 is the new Insider Dev version of the operating system, that is, a development version of the OS focused mainly on correcting bugs, errors and problems. Insider users using these builds in development will need to update to extend their expiration date until September 15, 2022. Otherwise, all builds prior to 22468 will stop working later this month.

The only change we can find in this new build is that the TabletInputService has now been renamed to TextInputManagementService. The rest of the changes focus on the correction of bugs, errors and problems that we will detail below.

Bugs fixed in the new Windows 11 build 22471

Due to the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has not fixed as many bugs as in previous builds of the OS. However, we can find some important bugs and errors that have been fixed, such as:

  • Taskbar:
    • Fixed an issue that caused some hidden icons to have square corners instead of rounded.
    • Using the down arrow when interacting with the context menu should move the focus down rather than discard it.
  • File Browser:
    • Fixed an issue that caused explorer.exe to sometimes crash when closing file explorer windows.
  • Entry:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause voice input to fail indicating a network problem when in fact it is not.
    • IME keyboards now display the correct labels.
    • Fixed a bug that caused textinputhost.exe to crash very often.
  • Windows:
    • Typing “wt” in the run box will now open Windows Terminal in the foreground.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some programs to get stuck in minimized state when connecting and disconnecting an external monitor and coming to sleep.
  • Others:
    • Fixed a network issue that affected certain traffic optimization programs. Now HTTP / 3 sites should work better.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some computers not to update to a newer build with the error message 0xc1900101.
    • Updated the Windows Update “need to update” message to now put Windows 11 instead of Windows 10.
    • Fixed a DWM crash bug when enabling high contrast themes.
    • Fixed a bug on ARM64 devices that caused some programs to not respond to language changes if they were installed before upgrading to Windows 11.
    • Fixed an issue where launching explorer.exe from an elevated process would use a lower priority than normal, affecting all processes started after it.

These errors are no longer available in the latest Windows 11 Insider build, but they may continue to be present in previous versions of the OS, including the final version that we are all installing right now. For this reason, Microsoft reports that some of these fixes could reach the stable version of the operating system in the next cumulative patch.

Known issues pending fix

Additionally, Microsoft has also updated the list of unresolved bugs. In this way we find the following recognized problems that will be solved later:

  • general
    • When upgrading the operating system from a build, some Insider users may see a warning that this is a Flight Signed build. In that case, what we must do is press the “Enable” button, restart the PC and try again.
    • Some users report problems related to screen timeouts and the PC sleep function. These problems are being investigated and attempts will be made to reduce energy consumption.
  • Beginning
    • Sometimes it is not possible to enter text when searching from the start menu or the taskbar. If this happens to us, what we must do is open the “Run” window by pressing Windows + R, close it and continue as normal.
  • Taskbar
    • The taskbar sometimes flickers when changing input methods.
    • The notification center sometimes does not start. Restarting explorer.exe should fix the problem.
  • Seeker
    • Clicking on the search icon may not open it. If it happens, we must restart explorer.exe.
    • The search panel may appear black and not display any content within the list. The exact cause is not known, but a solution is being sought.
  • Widgets
    • The widget board may appear empty, with no items. We can easily fix it by logging out and logging back in.
    • Some widgets may appear the wrong size when using external monitors. To fix it, we’ll open it to the main screen first, and then it should work fine.

If you look closely, the list of “known bugs” is literally the same as 22468 above. Microsoft has not fixed any of these known bugs in this update, instead focusing on fixing other bugs.

Update to the latest Insider version

The Insider versions stand out, above all, for being very unstable versions of the operating system, and very prone to bugs, problems and errors of all kinds. Therefore, unless we know exactly what we are doing, it is best not to install these builds, at least on our main computer. If we have a test computer, or a virtual machine, then we can test these novelties without problems. But on the main, working computer, it is better to avoid them.

Build 22471, like any other update, will reach all operating system users through Windows update. Of course, even if we are testing it in a virtual machine, it is necessary to comply with the TPM 2.0 requirement or else we won’t even be able to install it.

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