NVIDIA drops gaming graphics cards for not being “profitable”

ChatGPT artificial intelligence is giving a lot of talk since it has been opened to everyone. Many are exploring the limits of this technology. Microsoft, for its part, wants to add this technology to its Edge browser, with not very positive results, in certain cases.

NVIDIA has seen a deal with ChatGPT

One may think that forgetting about gaming graphics cards does not make sense with the demand that exists. The reality is that the time it takes to sell a graphics card, since it leaves the store, is usually between 3-6 months, at least. This means that the company takes “a long time” to record the income from this component.

But, NVIDIA has found a brutal customer to whom you sell your graphics cards before they leave the factory. We are talking about the OpenAI company, developers of the ChetGPT artificial intelligence. This tool requires enormous computing power and that is where NVIDIA comes in.

As has been indicated, NVIDIA ha sold nothing less than 30,000 NVIDIA A100 graphics cards. At least 20,000 will be used directly for data processing for training.

The NVIDIA A100 cost about $15,000, but if they are purchased in large quantities (as is the case) it can be reduced to $10,000. We discussed that, before leaving the factory, they have already entered about 300 million dollars for those graphics cards. An amount, which comes from the gaming sector, can cost a month or more.

Due to this demand, the company is prioritizing artificial intelligence to the gaming segment. Let’s remember that the representative color of NVIDIA is green, which is the color of money.

What’s more, Intel and AMD are actively engaged in the battle of AI solutions. A huge market that will expand and requires extremely powerful hardware.

chat gpt artificial intelligence

Did you have doubts that the gaming sector doesn’t care about NVIDIA?

It is not the first time that NVIDIA shows that the gaming segment does not give a damn. We have seen on two occasions how the company has sold its graphics cards to the mining of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

If one remembers, between 2015 and 2017, there was already a great shortage of gaming graphics cards due to mining. The same thing happened between 2020 and 2021, when the last Bitcoin halving took place. The price rose and the demand for Ethereum mining charts skyrocketed. Also, this was coupled with COVID-19, so since 2020 we have been experiencing brutal component shortages.

Now, the new excuse for the shortage of gaming graphics cards is ChatGPT or any other artificial intelligence. If any customer asks you for products for this new technology, keep in mind that they will sell them anything they want. It doesn’t matter to Jensen Huang that you want to play Hogwarts Legacy, all that matters is increasing income.

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