NVIDIA RTX 4060, not even the mid-range is spared: more than 220W of consumption?

The price of energy is soaring, it is an irrefutable fact. Well, in the midst of a crisis where we are paying maximum numbers for the price of it, from oil to gas, now the graphics card manufacturers arrive and put the icing on the cake with their new architectures, where, according to what has been leaked, the mid-range of the new models, with RTX 4060 in the lead, they will shoot the consumption. What specific numbers are we talking about?

It is not that it is a coincidence as such, this has been thought for many years and the roadmap is not going to stop because the world needs more energy sustainability, far from it. The war between NVIDIA, AMD and Intel will from now on be something without quarter where not even consumption will be respected despite all the problems it brings to the user and the best example will start with the new GPUs.

NVIDIA RTX 4060, higher consumption than an RTX 3070

The paradox is what we talked about at the time: despite the excessive increase in consumption, the new GPUs will be more efficient because the performance jump is even greater. But that does not mean that they will charge you more costs on your electricity bill, since everything indicates that NVIDIA intends to make a difference with AMD and especially with Intel at any price, never better said.

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As you can see, the famous leaker has revealed what many of us already sensed: not even the mid-range will be spared from the increase in consumption as such. The RTX 4060 will swallow more energy than the RTX 3070, that is, it will exceed the 220-watt barrier without, for the moment, setting a ceiling.

  • RTX4060: +220W
  • RTX3060: 170W
  • RTX2060: 160W
  • GTX1060: 120W
  • GTX 960: 120W
  • GTX760: 170W

This is something that we have been seeing over the years, where from Kepler with their GTX700 There have been nothing but increases, with Maxwell graphics being the only real turning point in the consumption section, and the RTX 4060 will unfortunately not be an exception.

Release dates gradually pushed back

If last week we saw that NVIDIA is going fast towards the production of the RTX 40 series, the reality is that it will not produce them by the end of summer as had been rumored at first. New information states that after knowing the processes and their supposed dates, software involved, the new launch dates (not presentation) will be the following:

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090: Release October 2022
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080: Release November 2022
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: Release December 2022
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060: CES 2023 January Showcase

The factors that would have caused NVIDIA to delay this new series of graphics cards are not only due to the delays it faces, but there are two more factors that we already named at the time and that now resonate behind the scenes: China and the RTX 30.

The logistical and commercial blockade of China, with all the reasons we have seen so far, is a key factor that is causing half the world to present delays in almost all sectors. But also, the RTX 30 are not being sold in a market that is now saturated with models that are beginning to fall in price second-hand and where miners are launching all models, not counting those who are going to switch to these new RTX 40.

Seen this way, that the NVIDIA RTX 4060 have a consumption greater than 220 watts It is surely the least important thing for us, since if the rumors end up being confirmed, it will not only be this value that will climb, since the price seems to be consistent.

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