[O QUE ESTAMOS ASSISTINDO?] Choose or Die, Succession and more!

What are we watching? This month features one of Netflix’s April premieres, the feature film “Choose or Die” starring Asa Butterfield (who does a very good job in Sex Education and, if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a recommendation).

But there is also Succession (which is older, with the last season released at the end of last year, with a next one confirmed, but with no premiere date), and even a documentary and YouTube channel recommendation.

April’s list is quite varied, for all tastes, huh? Come see the selection and don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you’ve been seeing too?

What are we watching?

Choose or Die
By: Luiz Nogueira

With an interesting proposal, Choose or Die is one of Netflix’s recent debuts. In the film, a young woman decides to relive a game from the 1980s that promises a big cash prize for whoever manages to beat its levels. The thing is, as the challenges are overcome, there are huge risks for the people around the character. That’s because she must make choices that reflect on the lives of others.

The feature is quite interesting, although predictable — and with numerous clichés of the genre. Overall, it’s a worthwhile experience for those who like movies in the same style as Player Number 1 and Escape Room.

Where to watch: Netflix

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs
[O QUE ESTAMOS ASSISTINDO?]  Choose or Die, Succession and more! By: Renata Aquino

The coolest thing about a documentary is it brings new perspectives of thought. In the case of this production on NFTs, it is even nicer that it has generated responses from cryptocurrency experts in the CoinDeskat Team and not decrypt very interesting.

It is not easy to understand NFTs, the unique digital items authenticated on blockchain, and also the cryptocurrency landscape as a whole. This complex universe cannot be simplified and there is no denying that blockchain can generate positive social impact. So, for those who are not afraid of controversy and want to learn more, this is a good documentary, but it should be watched followed by reading the answers, to judge for yourself if the director is right or wrong.

Where to watch: YouTube

CGP Gray
[O QUE ESTAMOS ASSISTINDO?]  Choose or Die, Succession and more! By: Marcelo Rodrigues

Unlike my peers, I didn’t come to recommend a movie, series or documentary I’ve been watching lately, but a YouTube channel. CGP Gray is focused on unraveling really interesting facts from the real world. In a video, the youtuber tries to find the best way to to disembark people from an airplanein another origin of the name Tiffany. All of them, without exception, teach you something or, at least, give you ammunition to make small talk in the bank line.

Every upload made to the channel has extensive research behind it. The work is so big that, from time to time, it ends up becoming the very subject of the video. The bad news is that the content is only available in English, but you can understand a lot of the fun if you scratch that daily Duolingo.

Where to watch: YouTube

Tissiane Vincentin By: Tissiane Vincentin

A completely decompensated family. If I had to describe the Roy family, that would be my one word. ‘But what family isn’t decompensated, right?’, you ask me. But not on that level, really (I don’t think most people do, anyway — I hope). This is very much that stereotype filthy rich family, owner of one of the largest media conglomerates, which is thirsty for power and also completely fragmented, with internal conflicts and fragilities that make up this unbalanced dynamic.

It’s a drama (because I don’t even like drama, as you may have noticed), it has that hint of sarcastic humor (which isn’t really my thing, as you may also have noticed) and a ‘what’ is it happening?’ of detachment from reality — plot twist after plot twist, absurdity after absurdity, but also some unique nuances that only watching to understand.

Where to watch: HBO Max

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