Offers on Windows 10 for € 10.7 and Office for € 21.95 for life at Keysbuff

All offers on Windows with coupon «RDZ»

If you are interested in buying a license for the Windows 10 operating system, either in its version of Windows 10 Home or Pro, we recommend paying attention to the following offers that we have today. We remind you that, to obtain the prices set, you must apply the discount coupon “RDZ” and you will automatically obtain a discount of 28% compared to the price set on the Keysbuff website, a price much lower than on the official Microsoft website.

In case you are interested in buying Windows Server licenses, today we have important offers for the “Standard”, “Essentials” versions and also for the “Datacenter” version, then you can take advantage of all the offers that we have available today. Remember that you must apply the “RDZ” discount coupon in the shopping cart to obtain the 28% discount and be able to buy these licenses at the best price.

As you can see, we have significant discounts to save a lot of money when buying licenses.

All offers on Office products and packs

In case you are interested in buying Office licenses, both the Office 2016 version and the Office 2019 version, today we will have significant discounts to buy these licenses for life at the best price. You must remember that you have to apply the “RDZ” discount coupon to obtain an additional 28% discount, then we put all the Office available on sale and with the final prices with the coupon already applied.

In case you are interested in buying a Windows and Office license pack, you can take advantage of the bundled offers, which will give you a better price compared to buying the licenses separately. Below, you can see all the offers with the “RDZ” discount coupon already applied:

Activating the Windows 10 operating system

To be able to activate the Windows 10 operating system, either in its Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro version, you must go to the “Start / Settings / Update and security / Activation” section. In this menu we will have to follow the instructions of the activation wizard, enter the license key that we have purchased and wait for the operating system to verify the entered license key.

Once the operating system is activated, we can enjoy all its options without any limitation. If we execute the following command in a command prompt we can verify that it has been activated correctly and if the equipment is permanently activated:


The following message should come out:

We recommend you access these offers as soon as possible, because this promotion is limited in time, and also in quantity. A very important detail is that you can buy a Windows 10 license key now, and later upgrade to the new Windows 11 operating system completely free of charge.

In Keysbuff you can find another type of software license, in addition, if you have problems before or after purchasing your license, you can contact technical support through the email where they will respond as soon as possible. The purchase of the licenses and the shipment of them is very fast, so in a few minutes you should have the Windows or Office license purchased.

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