Offers on Windows and Office licenses for Easter at Cdkeysales

Easter has arrived with new offers! For a few days we can see different discounts and promotions on the purchase of laptops and desktop computers. For some years now, brands such as ASUS or Lenovo, among others, have been selling computers without the Windows operating system pre-installed and activated. In this way, we can save approximately €100 compared to the same PC, but with this Windows license installed. If you want to save a lot of money, we recommend you buy a license on websites like where we have significant discounts, and that is that we can buy Windows 10 Pro for less than 14 euros, and Windows 11 Pro for only €18. Do you want to know all the offers we have today in Cdkeysales?

Easter offers on Windows and Office

If you are interested in acquiring an original license of the Windows 10 Home/Pro or Windows 11 Home/Pro operating system, today we have discounts if you apply the coupon «RD35» to have an additional 35% with respect to the price marked on the web. Next, you have the final prices:

In the event that you are interested in buying different versions of Office at a very good price, you will be able to access a 35% discount if you apply the coupon “RD35”. Next, you have all the final prices:

Finally, if you want to buy a pack of Windows 10 Pro and Office, you can do it at a really competitive price using the discount coupon “RD35”:

As you can see, we have significant discounts today, take advantage before they run out!

How to buy and activate the license

The first thing you must do to buy a license in Cdkeysales, is to access any of the links above, register with a valid email and then activate the created account. Once you activate this account, then you can go to purchase the license that you want, and you must click on the button «BUY NOW» or in «BUY«.

If you click on the shopping cart, you will see the section «Order confirmation«, where we can enter the RD35 promotion code that we have explained to you before. When you click on the “Request” button, this discount will be applied automatically, and without you having to do anything at all. Payment can be made by PayPal or use the payment gateway to use your card with total security.

When you have paid for the license, if you go to the user profile, in the «My shopping» you will be able to see all the purchased licenses. In the section of “keys/codes» is where you have the purchased license code, whether for Windows or Office, and it is the one you will have to use to activate it.

Activating the Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system is very simple, you just have to go to the “Home / Settings / Update and security«, then you go to the « menuActivation» and click the hyperlink to activate the license you just purchased. You follow the license activation wizard to the end, and it will inform us that the license has been successfully activated over the Internet.

As you can see, the Cdkeysales purchase process is really simple, in addition, you can pay with PayPal and you have 24/7 support both to buy a license and to activate it, in case you have any kind of problem.

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