OLED TVs from 799 euros for the In Love Discounts of Mi Electro

We continue with the best deals on Smart TV so you can renew your old TV at the best price. Y if you are looking for an OLED TV you know that now is the best time to get this equipment. all thanks to the new promotion that has launched My Electro and where you will find offers starting at 799 euros.

Mi Electro’s In Love Sales include offers of all kinds, but we wanted to make a selection for you with the great bargains that you shouldn’t miss out on. Let’s take a look at the best OLED Smart TV deals available.

The best deals on cheap OLED TVs

LG OLED A1 front

We begin this compilation of offers with the great bargain of the day. More than anything because you are going to be able to buy the 48-inch LG OLED A1 for 799 euros. We are talking about a television that has a panel of organic light-emitting diodes to guarantee pure blacks and image quality beyond any doubt.

Buy the 48-inch LG OLED A1 for 799 euros
Buy the 55-inch LG OLED A1 for 969 euros

Without a doubt, a model that will more than meet your expectations and that you can find both in its 48-inch version and in the 55-inch model with a very interesting discount. Are you interested in other options? Well, don’t miss out on the great bargain.

Sony OLED A8 for 999 euros

Sony A8 OLED

It is true that the Sony OLED A8 is a 2020 model, but it’s still one of the best TVs on the marketand that now you can buy this powerful equipment for less than 1,000 euros is an offer that you should not miss.

Buy the 55″ Sony OLED A8 for 999.99 euros

To say that the offer corresponds to the 55-inch model, so you will be able to take this complete OLED television perfect for the living room or bedroom for much less than its official price. It is quite difficult to find deals on Sony Smart TVs, so it is a very interesting opportunity.

Another excellent option to take into account is seen in the Hisense 55A9G, a 55-inch OLED model that is now on sale at Mi Electro so you can buy this Smart TV with a 39% discount. Of course, there are only 4 units left, so the offer will end very soon

We close this compilation of offers with the Panasonic TX-55JZ1000E, an OLED model that has been calibrated by expert Hollywood colorists to ensure cinematic picture quality. It is true that any television must be calibrated, but in this case the results it offers natively are exquisite.

Buy the Panasonic TX-55JZ1000E for 1099.99 euros

A perfect model to enjoy movies and series in the best quality and that now you can get at a minimum price thanks to the In Love offers from Mi Electro. As you may have seen, these models have a price that does not exceed 1,100 euros, so if you are looking for a cheap OLED Smart TV, you have several options that you should not ignore. Which one are you going to buy?

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