OnePlus Watch Harry Potter, a limited edition full of magic

While the launch of the OnePlus Watch was not exactly what was expected, the company has not given up on it, released numerous updates and improvements, and now, giving it an extra push with the arrival of this new special limited edition version based on the mythical saga of Harry Potter novels.

And is that OnePlus has taken care of all the details of this device to the maximum, starting from its own box, with a curious opening system that separates the box from the center, emulating the recognizable Diagon Alley to get to the rejol.

So the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition is basically what its name promises, a mere smartwatch themed reversal: the body of the sphere turns a copper color unique among the rest of the smartwatch models, adding a brown vegan leather strap with the Hogwarts insignia enrolled, in addition to a strap closure and special buttons, on which some iconic details such as the lightning scar will stand out.

On the software side, we will have up to six custom dials, with the four coats of arms of the Great Houses, the Hogwarts coat of arms, and the school’s own castle; in addition to unique and themed loading and boot animations.

Although undoubtedly the best quality of this phone is the fact that it will hardly increase the base price of the smartwatch. At the moment only having been announced for the Indian market, the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter is presented under a starting price of 16,999 rupees (approximately 200 euros) and an availability date as of October 21.

However, it is expected to soon expand its availability to other markets. And it is that the choice of this theme does not seem to be random, since in addition to the very success that this saga still enjoys, the first installment of its film adaptation celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

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