OnionFruit: route your traffic through TOR on Windows

How Tor Routing Works

The Tor network it is closely linked to privacy and security on the Internet. It has its own browser that allows browsing to be more private, since everything passes through multiple layers like an onion. This means that, from the moment we start a connection until it reaches the destination, everything passes through many nodes and the origin is blurred.

For this to be possible, users need to donate their bandwidth. They basically act like those nodes that we have said. This will allow you to gain anonymity when surfing the net, visiting any web page and even accessing the Deep Web.

When we visit any site we can be easily tracked. Our location, IP address, where we are… All of this can be filtered. However, it is possible to avoid this if we navigate through Tor routing.

How OnionFruit works

What OnionFruit does is route all traffic through Tor. It benefits from everything we have explained and allows users to improve privacy and browse anonymously from their computer, without exposing any personal information.

Unlike the Tor browser, in this case OnionFruit is a computer program that we have to run on Windows. At the moment it is only available for the Microsoft operating system. Its operation is very simple and it will act as a bridge between our device and the destination server.

It partly has many similarities to a VPN. It has more than 7,000 servers that are spread over almost 100 countries. We will be able to choose which one we connect to and thus determine which one can work better according to the circumstances and avoid that the connection goes slow or problems arise.

Download and install OnionFruit

The first thing we have to do is download the program by OnionFruit. For this we have to go to the official website and download the file. It is totally free. Once we have downloaded it, we will have to run it on the system.

The process is very simple and fast. It only lasts a few seconds and, once finished, it will show an icon on the Windows taskbar. By default it will appear as offline, since we will continue browsing as we did before.

Get started with OnionFruit

After run the programSimply click on the icon that will appear on the taskbar. We will see a first screen like the one we see in the image below. The button will be disabled and the country will be marked Random.

OnionFruit Configuration

To start using it you have to click on Connect and wait for it to appear in green and indicate that the connection has been made correctly. This shouldn’t take more than half a minute. Once the process is finished, a window will open in the browser and indicate that it is connected.

Tor connected

Application preferences

Keep in mind that in order to enter preferences you have to be disconnected. You just have to click on the button that appears in the main window. It allows us to configure the country of entry and country of exit, features such as SecurDNS, configure a bridge, the home page, etc.

The configuration in general is very simple. It does not have many options, but enough for our objective. The main thing is to choose the country that interests us. We can do that without having to enter Preferences, but simply by selecting it in the main window.

We can also mark some options such as starting automatically when you open Windows or updating whenever a new version is available.

OnionFruit Features

Choosing the country, the key to speed

If we start try different countries We will see that not all work the same. Speed ​​is important to be able to navigate and not all servers will offer the same performance. We may even find some that do not work well.

The best way to make it work as optimally as possible is to mark it as Random. This will connect you to the server that works best. However, we can go testing from one country to another until we find the one that interests us the most and that works best.

Test that it works correctly

We can easily test whether OnionFruit works or not. To do this, simply enter any web page that shows us the IP adress and see which one it is and which country it belongs to.

We also have the option of simply doing a speed test and we will verify that it does not go as fast as if we were connecting normally. This is logical and is something that happens whenever we use a VPN or browse from the Tor browser. Hence, we can try different countries and servers to find one that works the best possible and that the speed is better.

Conclusions for using OnionFruit

In short, OnionFruit is a simple program that we can install in Windows and that is used to connect through Tor. It is not a complex application or one that has many options to configure, but it does have the essentials to use it.

The objective is none other than to allow us to navigate via Tor and thus improve privacy. We are going to browse anonymously through nodes, as if we were using the Tor browser. The difference is that we only have to activate or deactivate the button whenever we are interested.

Therefore, if you are looking for something simple to hide the IP, avoid tracking and, ultimately, improve privacy, OnionFruit will allow all this when connecting through nodes. It is a good option and serves as an alternative to using a VPN, the Tor browser, or a proxy.

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