This can not be missing if you are going to connect to a public network

Tips for using public Wi-Fi safely

We are talking about Wi-Fi networks that we can find almost anywhere. For example shopping malls, airports, libraries… In all these cases you may find yourself with a network that has been created solely for steal information. You don’t really know who could be behind it and how it could leak all the information you send or receive over the Internet.

Keep your equipment up to date

The first thing you should do is make sure you have your device up to date with the latest versions. Are you going on a trip and do you think you will connect to many public Wi-Fi networks? It is certainly a first step to avoid problems. This must be applied to the computer, mobile or any other device that you are going to use to navigate.

There are many vulnerabilities that can appear. These security flaws can be exploited by attackers to sneak viruses, steal passwords, etc. What patches and security updates do is correct those vulnerabilities so that the system is working properly.

Have a good antivirus

Of course, you must also have a good antivirus. By connecting to a public Wi-Fi network you could be victims of some type of malware without realizing it. What security programs do is constantly scan your computer and detect any malicious software that may be present.

In case it detects something, you can quickly eliminate it and prevent it from affecting your security. It is important to choose very well which antivirus to use, since there are many options. For example, Windows Defender is one of them, but you will find both paid and free alternatives. You should always be very well informed of which one to install.

This is something that you will also have to apply to both computers and mobile devices. There is antivirus for all types of operating systems, since anyone can suffer an attack in the form of malware.

Use a VPN

But if there is something that cannot be missing when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, it is a vpn. What these tools do is encrypt the connections. Everything you send over the Internet will go through a kind of tunnel, so it could not leak and end up in the wrong hands. If there are any cybercriminals within that network trying to steal passwords or data, it would be very difficult for them.

Of course, you must choose a good VPN very well. Especially using the VPN on mobile is very useful. You are going to connect from the phone on any network and it is convenient to be protected so that they cannot spy on you when you log in to a platform or send important data.

In short, these are some essential questions that you must take into account when you are going to connect to a public Wi-Fi network. The objective is to maintain security and privacy, without personal data being compromised.

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