This is how ransomware infects you without knowing it

Ransomware Entry Methods Unknowingly

To know how does malware get It will be very useful to avoid problems. In this way you will always be alert and you will know when you can be the victim of an attack of this type. This way you will take action as soon as possible in case you have been able to make a mistake that exposes your files.

Open a file in an email

One of the most common entry methods is through a attached file that comes to us by email. It can be a simple Word file, for example. Hackers can hide malware there without us noticing, and once we download and run it, the malicious payload is activated.

What should you do to avoid this problem? The most important thing is common sense. You should never open a file that comes to you in the mail without really knowing the source. Always use a good antivirus to be able to analyze files that you have to download and thus prevent ransomware from entering.

download a program

You can also get to download an app and, without realizing it, you are putting ransomware on the device. This is going to happen especially when you download software from unofficial sources. There hackers can host content that has been maliciously modified.

Our advice in this case is always to download the programs from official sites. For example, you can go to its official website or use application stores such as Google Play. This way, even though there is always a small risk, you will have a better chance of installing safe software.

Enter a link when browsing

Another method is by entering some link that could be dangerous. For example, a link that reaches us through social networks, WhatsApp or simply when entering a page and clicking where we should not. That can open a malicious website, created just to host ransomware, and end up infecting your computer.

What you should do to avoid these problems is to check very well what is behind a link. Also, avoid clicking on links that may be suspicious. Once again, common sense is essential.

fake update

On the other hand, the problem with fake updates it is more than obvious. It is a risk that is always on the Internet. They can appear when surfing the net. They send us a message to update the browser, the system or any program, but in reality it is malicious software and they can sneak ransomware into you without your knowledge.

To avoid this, it is best to always update equipment only from official sources. Avoid downloading the updates from third party sites, from platforms that are really not trustworthy.

In short, as you can see, ransomware is a very present problem. At all times you must avoid being infected and you can follow the advice we have given. This way you will ensure that your computer is protected and you will not have security problems.

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