Opera One, Opera reinvents its browser

Opera One is undoubtedly the most ambitious change that this popular and beloved browser is going to experience for many years. I have already commented on previous occasions that this browser has always been a source of innovation, adding new functions that have subsequently been adopted by its competitors. However, of course, the company does not have the necessary resources to be able to compete with Google and Microsoft, especially with regard to marketing, which is why Opera has never managed to gain as much visibility (and, therefore, user share). ) as, by fairness, it would correspond.

However, it is true that it has been a long time since we do not see a complete renewal of it, something that is a bit surprising in a company so used to pampering the interface of its browser above all else. We can relate it, however, to the fact that they have decided to concentrate a large part of their efforts on Opera GX, you know, the browser aimed especially at the community gamer and that, for this purpose, in addition to having a design that is visually adapted to that world, it integrates functions and services that may be very interesting for said world. Now, almost four years have passed since its launch, so it was time to “get a hand” on the Opera interface.

Well, that is precisely what they tell us on the browser’s official blog, where we can read the announcement of Opera One, a complete redesign that will replace the standard Opera at the end of the year. Now, we are not just talking about an aesthetic change (which has also occurred, and is very pronounced), but a complete redesign that reaches the very guts of the application and that, according to the company, will be responsible for changes aimed at substantially improving the user experience.

Opera One, Opera reinvents its browser

Already available in early access, although it is still pending to receive part of its future functions, Opera One features a more modular design that is supported by a new multi-threaded composer., which allows the different elements and visual effects to be managed by independent threads, thus improving the performance and fluidity of the user interface. Thus, it is not surprising that Opera alludes to fluidity on multiple occasions.

One of the most interesting novelties that we will find in the new Opera One is the intelligent management of interface elements, since through context analysis and AI-based learning; It will adapt to the content that we are viewing, to try to provide in this way only the tools and functions that we may need. On the other hand, we will also find novelties in the management and organization of tabs that, with the new paradigm of Tab Islands, proposes a more comfortable system to organize them. This will take care of creating the islands automatically but, if we wish, we can also organize the tabs manually.

Of course, new features and tools related to artificial intelligence have a place in Opera One as well. In fact ChatGPT, ChatSonic and AI Prompts will be enabled by default, although I am convinced that no one will be surprised at this point. And the same with other characteristic services of the browser, such as the integration of its free VPN service, which you can extend if you contract VPN Pro.

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