Is there a Ted Lasso LEGO set?

If you have already seen the first episode of the third season of ted lassoavailable on Apple TV +, surely your eyes have popped when you see the incredible Richmond stadium with all the characters from the series in LEGO. What’s more, we bet a gadget that it has occurred to you to look in the catalog of the famous blocks if the set is for sale or you have googled about its veracity on the internet. Well, here we are to clear up your doubts about it and, incidentally, tell you the (possible) story of this nice setting. Keep reading and you will understand everything.

The fun LEGO characters of Ted Lasso

Not much to go on in the first episode of season 3 of ted lasso to meet with our new object of desire. After good Ted has said goodbye to his son Henry at the airport -who has spent several weeks with his father in the UK and is now returning to the US-, he arrives home to discover that on his living room table he has mounted a miniature of Nelson Road Stadium, the home ground of his soccer team. Not only that. In the center of the field we have the players and in the best position in the stands the rest of the main characters of the series, which we can enjoy in close-up thanks to a camera sweep.

It is not the only moment in which reference is made to the LEGO. Near the end of the episode, in a video call between Ted and his son, he asks why he left Nate in the back of the stands, to which the father replies that it’s because he’s not part of the team anymore. Henry then reasons that he is still his friend, to which Ted agrees, putting the now West Ham coach back together with the rest of the characters.

Ted Lasso scene with the LEGO Nelson Stadium set

So much attention on a LEGO set by the show might make you think that this is a real set-up and that Apple TV+ is simply advertising some original merchandising product – just like it does with its iPhones and MacBooks all the time in this series. dramatic comedy-, however, (our joy in a well) the truth is that Ted Lasso’s LEGO doesn’t exist.

It is therefore a montage made for the occasion, which, however, has generated such interest that we do not rule out that it could end up becoming real.

Where have you seen Ted Lasso’s LEGO before?

Perhaps you are now thinking that in reality you had already seen the characters of Ted LAsso in LEGO format on the internet, which made you think that the set shown at the beginning of the third season is real. However, the images you remember are just another “fix.” there is a Twitter account baptized as @LEGOTedLasso (also has a profile on Instagram) in which a user, a fan of the series, dedicates himself to making numerous montages imagining the characters of Ted lasso as LEGO dolls.

Some of his posts have gone viral, which may have meant that he ended up reaching your retinas at some point in the past. What’s more, perhaps the creators of this comedy also saw it and will inspire in it for the scenes that we have commented a few lines above.

Ted Lasso's characters in LEGO

The truth is that by buying spare parts and having a good time, you can create your own set in honor of the series, or who knows, maybe if you wait a bit, someone at LEGO Ideas will propose it and/or finally the company will launch it seeing the great interest of the people.

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