OtterBox wireless power banks have a swelling problem

OtterBox says it was able to detect a problem with early modules of its OtterSpot system. This manufacturer, if you are not in the know, released batteries with wireless charging back in August 2019. And in a recent official statement, the manufacturer now says that devices manufactured between July and August of the same year may swell “under conditions of multi-layer assembly and higher temperatures.”

As OtterBox told The Verge, there have been no reports of injuries due to this problem so far. But even so, the company has already started contacting customers it knows bought the faulty device. But be that as it may, even if you are not contacted, even though you are the owner of the battery from OtterSpot, you should check the serial numbers just in case. If the number starts with 229, 250, or 259, then the problem that the company has identified may actually affect the device, so it’s worth calling support at 1-855-688-7269, because you are at risk.

OtterBox says it will replace potentially defective batteries free of charge to all battery owners. Anyway, it should be noted that the conditions under which the affected products can swell may not be rare. One of the key advantages of this OtterSpot device is that it consists of a base unit and stackable battery packs that can be used to wirelessly charge devices on the go.

Up to three batteries can be charged at the same time on the base. And yes, you should also consider that you can use a Qi-compatible device at the same time by placing it on top. And yes, be that as it may, you should not panic too much, because this problem may not affect too many devices, since OtterBox says that at launch they were limited. However, if you are the owner of a company product, you should check the serial number just in case.

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