Our readers speak: What was the worst processor you’ve ever owned?

A few years ago we asked you which was the best processor you had, and today we want to do the opposite, we want you to tell us what has been the worst processor What did you buy and why? If you have had more than one bad experience you can also share it in the comments and expand your opinion. You set the limit.

As always, I start by getting wet. The truth is that I have mixed feelings, especially since at the time I bought a second-hand laptop with a Intel Pentium M processor for a very basic use, and the truth is that the experience of use was so bad that I ended up returning it the next day. I was able to do it because I bought it in a specialized store.

I only had it for one day, but I think that since I had the opportunity to return the equipment, it is not fair to choose that Intel Pentium M, and that is why I keep the one that was my second candidate on the list, an Intel Pentium 4 at 2.8GHz that I used for several years, until I was able to change it for an Intel Core Duo at 1.6 GHz. The difference between the two at the architectural level was so great that even despite its low working frequency, the latter gave it “soups”. with a sling.”

Why do I consider it the worst processor I’ve ever had?

Well, basically because it fell short quite quickly, and because shortly after buying it it ended up being practically obsolete. To be fair, we must admit that my Pentium 4 it was not a bad processor in itselfbut the push of AMD and with the Athlon 64, which arrived in 2003, and the rapid transition of the sector to dual-core processors made this chip have a very short lifespan for me, especially considering what I paid for him.

The truth is that the situation It reminded me a lot of what I experienced with my veteran Pentium at 133 MHzwhich was also surpassed by the models with MMX instructions and later by the Pentium II, but this chip was cheaper, it held up very well despite the one that fell on it and in the end I did not have a sense of obsolescence as marked as with the Pentium 4. I have also taken into account that the latter cost me much more expensive than the 133 MHz Pentium.

Now it’s your turn, what was the worst processor you’ve ever had? We read in the comments.

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